‘The Locher Room’ to Celebrate ‘Guiding Light’s’ 84th Anniversary with Grant Aleksander and Beth Chamberlin

Beth Chamberlin, Grant Aleksander, Guiding Light
Beth Chamberlin, Grant Aleksander ("Guiding Light")
John Paschal/JPI Studios

In honor of the 84 years since the radio debut of “Guiding Light,” former on-screen duo Grant Aleksander (ex-Phillip Spaulding) and Beth Chamberlin (ex-Beth Raines) are set to reunite on Alan Locher‘s YouTube series, “The Locher Room.”

Scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 28 at 3:00 p.m. ET, the two will join Locher as they reminisce about their time working together on the legendary soap opera playing one of Springfield’s most popular couples. To set yourself a reminder to tune in, click here.

Aleksander joined the cast of “GL” in 1982, taking over the role of Phillip Spaulding and playing him off and on until the daytime soap opera completed its television run in September 2009. Chamberlin took over the role of Beth Raines in 1989, also playing her role off and on until the show’s run concluded in 2009.

“GL” debuted on NBC radio as a 15-minute broadcast on January 25, 1937. It reverted to CBS radio in 1947 before joining the CBS Television Network’s daytime lineup on June 30, 1952. For four years, the series ran simultaneously on radio and TV. In late June 1956, the series was made available exclusively on CBS TV. Beginning in 1968, the soap was expanded to a 30 minute format from its previous 15 minute length. It became an hour-long broadcast starting in 1977 and remained that way until 2009.