‘GH’s’ Jake: Is Sam Safe from The Bad Seed Helena Created?

James Nigbor

“General Hospital’s” Jake (James Nigbor) hasn’t been the same since he was rescued from the Cassadine compound. There’s something off and menacing about Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason’s (Billy Miller) son. What happened to the boy, while he was in captivity that caused the personality shift? And, more importantly, is Sam (Kelly Monaco) safe from ‘The Bad Seed’ Helena (Constance Towers) created?

It’s clear Helena somehow tampered with the child’s psyche. Remember, this is the same woman who kidnapped and brainwashed Lucky Spencer in 1999, and, in 2014, she forced Jason, who then believed he was Jake, to commit crimes under her mind control.

Jake appears to be the latest pawn in Helena’s twisted plot of head games. She’s somehow altered who he is at the core. But what, exactly, has the Cassadine Queen of Mean programmed the boy to do?

He started out lurking around and eavesdropping on private conversations. But, of late, his bad behavior has escalated. He’s begun angrily lashing out and making disturbing scribbled drawings, whenever things aren’t going his way.

The object of Jake’s wrath has become crystal clear. It’s Sam, the person he blames for Jason ending his relationship with Elizabeth and splitting up their happy family. In his twisted mind, life would be perfect, if Sam just wasn’t around.

This week, things come to head when Jake reacts badly to some news Jason delivers to him. For the first time, Jason and Elizabeth come to realize how disturbed their son is. Unfortunately, the revelation comes a tad too late, as Jake targets Sam in a plot that goes dangerously wrong.

Will Jake’s attempt to keep Sam and Jason apart actually backfire and be the thing that ends up drawing them back together? And if the couple eventually do reconcile, how will Jake handle it? Will he strike out against Sam, again? Could his half-brother Danny eventually become a target of his wrath, too?

Unfortunately, there’s no telling what The Bad Seed will do next.