‘General Hospital’s’ Jason and Sam Reunion: 5 Moments That Must Happen

Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

They’ve been dancing around each other for over a year, but they have to reconcile eventually. Don’t they? Now that Patrick (Jason Thompson) has broken off his engagement to Sam, and Jason has learned Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) kept his true identity a secret for months, the anticipation of “General Hospital’s” Jason and Sam (Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco) reunion is accelerating. Here are 5 moments that must happen.

1. They’re Playing Our Song

The couple’s love theme, “Just You and Me” by Rie Sinclair, originally played back in 2005, when they shared a rooftop dance in the rain. In 2009, after the duo reconciled, an instrumental version of the song was heard in the background. The love ballad surfaced again at Jason and Sam’s wedding in 2011.  It’s only fitting that when the pair finally find their way back into each other’s arms, that’s the song playing.

2. Dim Sum and Then Some

What would a Jason and Sam reconciliation be without a visit to Noodle Buddha? In 2011, the pair first exchanged “I Do’s” in the Chinese restaurant’s garden. In 2015, when Mrs. Yi sensed that Jake was really Jason, she insisted that he and Sam celebrate their fourth anniversary with a special wedding blessing. The twosome need to return to the eatery and stand beneath the symbols of the dragon and the phoenix, even if it’s just to share a little dim sum.

3. Easy Riders

This one is a no-brainer. Motorcycle rides were often an aphrodisiac for Jason and Sam. How about letting the duo take off on a long, fast ride out to the countryside. When they return to Port Charles, they can head back to the penthouse and make love.

4. It’s in the Stars

“Jasam” fans know the significance of stars for their favorite couple. The duo have often gazed up into the sky contemplating life and their future. In 2005, Jason gifted Sam with her first star necklace, which she cherished. After a breakup, the duo reunited and Jason presented Sam with a new starry pendant. Wouldn’t it be cosmically perfect if somehow Jason gave Sam another star trinket, despite not being fully aware of the special meaning it held for both of them?

5.  Put a Ring on It

Sam has held onto Jason’s wedding ring, ever since it was returned to her, after his “death.” Once the couple reconcile and acknowledge their deep love for one another, Sam should slip that band onto Jason’s finger, symbolizing that they’re back together — forever.