Susan Lucci Reveals Silly ‘AMC’ Quirk

Disney/ABC Television Group

She may be the Queen of Soaps, but (ex-Erica Kane, “;” Genevieve Delatour, “”) didn’t let the royal title stop her from donning quite a peculiar piece of clothing during her time in the “AMC” spotlight.

The Emmy-winning actress attended the NFL Women’s Apparel’s fashion presentation Tuesday at Grand Central Terminal in New York, where she not only wowed in a sequined New York Giants top and glittery floor length skirt, but also revealed her quirkiest item of clothing. “I don’t want to get rid of it; I’ve had it a long time,” she tells Newsday. “It’s a little yellow cropped jacket and it’s a life vest — it has lights and a whistle — and when things got really long and crazy at work on ‘All My Children,’ I would put on my life vest.”

Not exactly the crown you’d expect from La Lucci, but then again, you just never know when it comes to her and fashion — especially because her couture mantra is to be quite daring. “Don’t be afraid to try things,” she urges. “You’ll know if it works, and if it doesn’t, at least you’ve tried.”


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