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Lisa’s Take on GH: Tuesday, November 27 – Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lisa's Take on GH from Tuesday, November 27, 2012 through Thursday, November 29, 2012.

Lisa’s Take on GH: Tuesday, November 27 – Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lisa's Take on GH from Tuesday, November 27, 2012 through Thursday, November 29, 2012.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Felicia brought Anna some dinner and they talked about Duke, Luke, and Robert. Anna explained that things were different and didn’t know what it was. Felicia offered her support and hope for happiness no matter what. As Felicia was about to leave, Faison as Duke walked in. Anna smelled smoke as they were to kiss and she was shocked and he explained he started while being in prison. Faison also told her things change but their feelings don’t and that is what matters.

Before going to see Anna, Faison had a run in with Johnny on the docks. Johnny wanted to make it clear he was out of his family business and wanted to keep Haunted Star clean and to know his workers. Faison agreed and said they had a lot in common.


Blair and Starr had a phone conversation regarding her wedding to Tomas. She wanted to make sure Starr would be there and Starr said she would and wanted her happy. Blair said she was, but she has a wallpaper on her phone that is of her and Todd.

Lulu turned down Maxie’s offer to be the surrogate mother of her baby. Lulu explained she can’t solve her problem with her problem. In my opinion, Maxie won’t give up trying.

Robert and Mac were in Kelly’s, where Robert explained his theory that Duke is really Faison and asked Mac for help to get Faison’s police file. Mac did, but found himself bumping into Anna. He covered by saying that he needed the file for the water supply poison crisis, which he had in his apartment, and was just getting back to returning it.

Both Skye and AJ, and Ned and Tracy were talking about being CEO and that the key to them running ELQ was Sam and Danny’s shares.

Skye tried to get the information regarding Tracy’s investing money into ELQ from her ex husband Gino Soleito from Johnny to use against Tracy to no avail. Johnny said maybe he has it, maybe he doesn’t. I think he does and in the end will help her.

In addition to talking about ELQ, Ned and Tracy also talked about the jar of Lila’s pickle relish that Edward left. They shared memories of Lila’s relish and proceeded to have hot dogs with it on them. They still did not get what Edward had in mind for this gift.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Dante and Lulu interviewed their last applicant for surrogacy at the Haunted Star. The applicant was definitely eager and willing, but brought up the fact that they are paying for a baby and a service. That just didn’t sit well with them, especially Lulu. Maxie later walked in and said her morning was horrible, then asked if they found a surrogate. They said that it “depends on you Maxie.”


Sonny went to check on Connie and she was as resistant as ever. The doctor told her she was uncontrollable and never dealt with such an alter. Sonny insisted on Connie telling him why she hated him so much. She broke down and said she blames him for Joe Scully, Jr. raping her. She asked why didn’t he save her and that it was his fault she got raped because Joe Scully loved him and compared him to his son Joe, Jr. Sonny apologized and said she was safe now and he was not going to let anyone hurt her or Kate again. Michael came in and saw Sonny and Connie and asked what was going on.

Skye was in Kelly’s on her tablet device and talking with Shawn, explaining she was going to PV to her Uncle Stuart’s art exhibit and in walks Carly saying that she should stay there and not come back. Words are exchanged and then they found slapped each other. In the process of fighting, Skye dropped her kindle and they came across the wedding announcement of Tomas and Blair. They both recognized him as Alcazar and wanted answers.

Molly and Starr walked into Todd’s office to pitch Molly’s manuscript. At first, Todd was reluctant and yelled at Starr for not telling him about her mother’s wedding. He would read the manuscript on one condition, she boycott the wedding. Starr informed him that she would not and reminded him of what good a story it is and that Molly was Sam’s baby sister and it would make things more right because of what he did. Molly pitched the manuscript and dropped it on his desk and left proudly.

Michael went to the Quartermaine house to check in and he saw AJ’s pad with his plan for ELQ on it and explained what it meant and expressed his hope for teaming up with him and showing him the ropes of ELQ. Michael was cautious he explained to his father and busy with school. AJ also tod him that Sonny will stop at nothing to keep Michael away from him and asked him to think about ELQ and what he said about Sonny.

Ad they are silently eating breakfast, Ellie walks in on Spinelli and Maxie and tells them she found their wedding picture and that their marriage was no longer a secret. They explained the situation, Maci left, and Ellie wanting more answers. More explanation and answers to be had by Spinelli tomorrow.

Thursday, November 29, 2012
In my opinion, GH gets better and better and today’s episode is no exception.

Lulu and Dante officially asked Maxie to be their surrogate. They assured her what a gift she would be giving them and the risks and asked her to make sure it’s what she wanted to do. Lulu assured her whatever she decided they were sisters, best friends and nothing would change. Maxie happily accepted. They toasted to the new mother to be and happiness filled the Haunted Star at that moment.

Carly and Skye showed Todd that Tomas could actually be Lorenzo Alcazar or vice versa and he was excited to say the least of hearing the man who Blair was marrying could be a liar. To get to the bottom of this, Carly, Tea, and Skye went to Llanview.

Blair and Tea shared a tender visit at Tea’s house. Tea gave Blair a handmade gift for her wedding and they declared sisterhood. It was touching. They also talked about Todd and Tomas and said they didn’t want to talk about Todd anymore. As Blair was leaving, Carly, Skye, and Todd were at the door.

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After Maxie left in yesterday’s episode, Ellie was very upset at the finding of Maxie and Spinelli’s nonwedding picture and the revelation Maxie is in love with Spinelli. Ellie thought Spinelli was in still in love with Maxie and chose Maxie and Spinelli reassured her not only with words, but he wanted to show her she was the one he wanted. After making love, Ellie told Spinelli she wanted to move out of Maxie’s apartment and into his office. Spinelli wasn’t convinced that was appropriate, Ellie thought it was best that if they were out of the apartment then maybe Maxie would move on.

Molly revealed to TJ that she wrote a book and he was supportive. It was endearing moment for the young couple. She told him she didnt want anyone to know. However, after coming back from Sonny’s kidnapping, Connie saw it on todd’s desk and begin reading it while eating.

Michael convinced Sonny to let Connie go, but not without resentment, words, and anger on Michael’s part. Sonny expressed he was so close to getting Kate back. Michael stormed off saying he has no one to blame but himself.