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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, July 6, 2011.


Sam continued to make slow moves when it came to Sharon. When he asked her to come with him to check on a dog, she said she didn't want to. As she continued to pack, Sam asked Sharon to move into his house with him. Sharon was floored by his request and he explained that he he would give her as much time as she needed; he didn't want to do the same thing he did when his wife walked out on him. Sharon's guard went down and she accepted his offer to move in. Soon after, Sharon and Sam, in his bed room, once again had sex with one another.

Michael and Kevin caught up with one another at Gloworm where they did a little chit-chat. Kevin commented on how things were going between he and Chloe but also listened as Michael shared his concerns for Lauren since Daisy returned back to Genoa City. Kevin didn't hide the fact that he wanted his sister gone for a long time while in prison. Just then, Michael received a message from Lauren, telling him to head to Crimson Lights where a surprise was waiting for him.

Eden felt uneasy about being in out on the patio area with both Noah and Abby. Abby continued to press as to why she decided to come back to Genoa City, but Noah shooed her away so he and Eden could be alone. The two uncomfortably talked to one another and Eden tried to apologize for how things turned out for the two of them, but Noah said that he was much to blame, as well. Meanwhile, Michael and Kevin, curious to know what Lauren's surprise was, nearly walked passed Eden until she caught their attention. Noah left them alone, where Michael questioned her wherabouts. Eden shared that she got into a little trouble but was doing alright. Both Kevin and Michael were shocked to learn from her that she went into rehab for an eating disorder. Eden assured her brothers that she was fine.

Adam was on the phone striking up a business deal. After his call was complete, he put his attentions back on to the memory cards, calling Emmet to see how things were going along. Adam offered to pay him more money if he could get the footage by the end of the day. Checking his messages on the computer, Adam proceeded to head out of the door when Diane startled him. Not wanting to talk to her, Adam told her he had things to take care of. Once he was gone, Diane snuck into his room, looking over his documents. Spotting an email about the ambulance that she was in, she started to read, only to learn that Adam's contact was a paparazzi photographer named Gingerman. Having what she wanted, she headed out of Adam's room.

Daniel and Devon chatted with one another at Crimson Lights, both commenting on how they wanted Cane as far away from Lily for good. While the three of them were there, both Daniel and Devon saw Cane walk in. Daniel quickly kept Lily away while Devon got in Cane's face, orering him to stay away from Lily. As for Daniel, he gave Lily a CD of new songs, but Lily, sensing that something was going on, wanted to know where Devon went off to. Daniel came clean and although touched by what they were trying to do, Lily said it was time she confronted Cane on her own.

At the park, Devon and Cane got into it over Lily. Devon wanted Cane to stay out of Lily's life for good; in fact he wanted Cane to just leave. While Devon was talking to Cane, Lily showed up and told Devon that she wanted to talk to Cane alone. A hesitant Devon left them alone. Lily told Cane she could no longer believe anything her said: he had knowingly put her and their family in danger by not sharing the truth about Colin. Cane insisted that he could be there for her, but she told him that she wanted nothing more to do with him. She wanted him out of her life and the life of the twins.

At Restless Style, Phyllis, who was working on her next story about Adam, tried her best to convince Nick to give her the go-ahead to throw Sharon's name in the story. Nick refused to do it, saying that he wanted Sharon out of it. Phyllis however, turned things to make it sound as if Nick would be giving Sharon and his family justice for all that Adam has done to her. Nick slowly buys into her 'thoughts'.

Michael ran into Diane at Gloworm. She was still miffed at him and told him that she didn't need the help from either him or Victor, she could stand on her own two feet. After he left, Diane spotted Abby and called the Gingerman to lure him there in hopes of 'catching the Naked Heiress in action'. Deacon, who was behind the bar, overheard the conversation and became interested. Meanwhile at a table alone, Daniel and Abby caught up with one another. He wanted to know how she was doing, while she asked the same about him. Warming up to their conversation, Abby asked Daniel if they could try again with one another. Unfortunately, thanks to Diane, the paparazzi comes in to start taking pictures of Abby, giving Daniel the assumption that she set it up. Realizing that she didn't, he ushers the photogs away. As they are leaving, a slick Diane catches the Gingerman and starts making her deal with him.

Stopping into Restless Style, Adam lectured Nick for hiring Phyllis again. He continued to throw his weight around by telling Nick he wanted him to write an article on Sharon in another effort to fully clear her name. Nick said only if real evidence was present. Adam commented that he was close to getting it; but purposely ruffled Nick's feathers when he commented on how Noah was helping him too. When Nick didn't budge, Adam attacked him with words, saying that he'd expected Nick to be a better person by trying to help Sharon. Nick, however, shot him cold by telling Adam that Sharon wouldn't be dead if it weren't for the likes of him.

Diane offered to pay Gingerman a hefty sum of money if he'd produce the evidence that Adam was involved regarding the photograph of the ambulance that she was in. Gingerman declined wanting to work with her, but the more she talked, the more she swayed him. After offering him an exclusive photo opt, Gingerman and Diane sealed their deal. Once he was gone, Deacon stepped up to Diane, telling her he'd be willing to help her out; for a price just llike Gingerman.

Abby was crushed when Daniel told her that he didn't want to get back together again. When he left, he called Lily to see if she was gone with her talk with Cane.

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