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OLTL Alerts: Week of July 25 Edition

OLTL Alerts: Week of July 25 Edition

( — “” DVR Alerts for the Week of July 25, 2011.


  • Monday: Tomas makes a shocking admission to Téa. Someone is after John and the man with the scar. Dani tells Nate she’s sorry for not trusting him.
  • Tuesday: Natalie and Brody decide their future. John and the man with the scar try to unravel the mystery of the two Todds. Téa arrives to see John.
  • Wednesday: Dorian and David ready for the “Vicker Man” movie premiere. Will Vimal continue to keep the secret about Liam’s paternity? Clint’s days as a free man are nearing an end.
  • Thursday: “Vicker Man” finally debuts. Rex takes the next step in his plot to destroy the Manning family. Jack thinks John is still trying to get dirt on him.
  • Friday: Tomas makes a surprising accusation regarding Todd. David’s movie premiere holds more than a few surprises. Rama helps out Vimal is his moment of need.
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