All My Children: July PreVUE

All My Children: July PreVUE

( — A quick peek into what’s happening in Pine Valley this July.


    Erica regains control of her fate and holds the fate of those around her in her hands.


    The extent of both David’s work and his connection to Griffin comes to light as the mad scientist presses his student apprentice to choose between their craft or his heart.


    Marissa follows her heart and fully embraces who she really is.


    The people around JR are at a lost as he loses his battle with his demons. With help from some unique new allies, will Dixie be able to save her son before it’s too late?


    Life becomes a lot more complicated for Jesse once Maya settles in as Lucy’s nanny.


    In the face of challenging obstacles will Jake & Amanda rediscover the something they need to reconnect?
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