‘OLTL’ Casting Call: ‘Life’ After Death?

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‘OLTL’ Casting Call: ‘Life’ After Death?

By Scotty Gore
'OLTL' Casting Call: 'Life' After Death?

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live” issues a new casting call for a character who appears to have risen from the dead.

The newest audition script is for the role of “Irene.” The scene opens with Mr. Baker (played by Jonathan Earl Peck, who debuted last Friday, in scenes opposite Roger Howarth) visiting a visibly upset Mrs. Irene Williams at her office. Baker tries to explain what happened, saying the situation had gotten seriously out of control. Irene laments that she should have sent someone else to do the job, and that all the years they have spent covering up the truth was for nothing, all because of a DNA test.

Mr. Baker takes full responsibility for the prisoner’s escape and tells her that he’s sorry. She reminds him that they have known one another for years, and to please call her Irene. Baker thanks her and says that he believes the situation can still be handled effectively. He goes on to say that the test results matches the two women for each other, but fails to explain who they really are, so no one will ever figure out who the real one is. Irene tells him he sounds overly optimistic, but agrees that he might be right. Irene reminds him that “Talia Gross” is very smart and that she may be on to them, and tells Baker that, had he not let their top man go, it would have been mission accomplished already.

Confused, Baker asks why it matters since Talia, along with everyone else, already thinks she’s dead anyway. Irene agrees, and recites a quote from Mark Twain about rumors of her death being “greatly exaggerated.” Baker responds that it hasn’t been proven if Twain actually ever even said that. As the scene ends, Irene is impressed and says that he always was full of surprises. She then proceeds to grab a gun from her desk drawer and point it straight at Baker.

Although “One Life to Live” tries to throw viewers off by changing character names in these audition scripts, it seem possible from the tone of the scene, it may refer to the soap’s current “Tale of Two Todd’s” storyline involving Trevor St. John and Roger Howarth.

In other news…

Jason Alan Carvell will continue his recurring role as a bartender this month.

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