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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, April 27, 2011.


Billy, Victoria and Chloe arrive at the church to find Katherine and Murphy with Delia and Lucy. They are thankful that they have kept them safe and soon begin to wonder where Jana has gone. They all find out from Delia that Kevin was with Jana. Billy instantly assumes that Kevin and Jana must be working together in the kidnapping. Chloe defends him telling him that Kevin most likely is a victim, not a kidnapper.

Jana takes Kevin back to the abandoned school house. When he tries to talk to her about turning herself in, she tells him that they aren't going anywhere. A spiraling Jana tells Kevin she's not letting him go; he will be with her until she convinces him that he loves her. Trying again to reason with her, he comes close but Jana freaks, telling him that he's only lying to her again.

Phyllis, Michael and Lauren are all talking about Jana's kidnapping. Lauren quips that she wished she had been done with Jana when she had the chance. The topic soon turns to Daniel and why Michael still believes that he's lying to them about Daisy. Phyllis points out that she thinks about where her granddaughter is. Lauren says that the minute the baby is found it would only bring Daisy back too. Phyllis points out that if the tables were turned, Lauren would do the same thing if Scotty were in Daniel's shoes. Michael, getting a phone cal from Chloe regarding a missing Kevin, departs and heads off, leaving the two friends to continue their disagreement.

At home, Billy and Victoria continue to watch over Lucy. Knowing that he has to tell her the truth, Billy does so by telling her about his buying Lucy from Primrose. Victoria doesn't believe him at first, until he tells her that he knows who the parents are. Victoria's heartbroken and furious that Billy would buy a baby. She quickly thinks that Daniel will want to get the baby back. Despite his reassurance, Billy's words falls on deaf ears.

At the Athletic Club, Daniel and Abby are talking about the fact that he kept the truth about being Lucy's father a secret. He explains that he knew that Victoria and Billy were good parents for her and that by keeping silent, it would keep Daisy away. Abby is understanding, that is until Lily shows up asking about Lucy. She realizes that Daniel shared the truth with Lily. Abby lights into him for trusting his ex-wife and not her. Before they can get into it, Billy calls, asking Daniel to come to the house to assure Victoria that he will not take the baby from them. When he leaves, Lily tries to calm Abby, but a bitter Abby snaps at her.

At the Chancellor home, everyone is overjoyed that the children are safe. Michael arrives and Chloe tells him that she believes that Jana has Kevin. Jill pipes up wondering why Kevin would be involved with Jana, but everyone else agrees with Chloe that Kevin is not responsible for Jana kidnapping the children. Michael assures her that he'll find out what's going on. Chance promises to do the same thing.

Jana tells Kevin that they need to have supplies if they are going to be 'living' at the school for a bit. A frustrated and scared Kevin tells her that he does want to be with her, but she doesn't believe him. Using Kevin's one weakness and fear, Jana demands that he go inside of the closet. When he tries to talk her out of putting him in there, she points the gun and tells him she'll kill him, even though she doesn't want to. Without any other choice, Kevin goes into the closet and she locks the door.

Daniel goes to Billy and Victoria. Alone with Victoria, he promises her that he will not seek to take Lucy away from them. Victoria doesn't believe him and says he could change his mind. He points out that he never wanted to be a father and that he told himself that even if he saw the baby, his mind wouldn't change. Daniel says he still stands by that. Seeing that she's still not sure of his word, he tells her that if he needs to draw up papers to make the baby theirs legally, he'll do it. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Abby goes to the church and pours her heart out to God; admitting that she's insecure to the fact that Lily is everything that she is not.

Heather arrives at the Chancellor home and tells Michael that while doing some work into finding Kevin, she got a tip from someone else pointing out that the authorities are still looking into Kevin's past gambling dealings. Michael tells Heather that they are mistaken. Heather, however, isn't too sure.

Phyllis heads over to Billy to check on how they are doing. When she walks in, she is surprised to see Daniel there, and immediately has questions.

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