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Y&R Recap: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Y&R Recap: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Y&R Recap: Thursday, April 14, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, April 14, 2011.


A concerned Adam wants to make sure that Sharon can hold on and meet with him at the location in Sedona as they discussed. Still distraught and scared over her actions, Sharon promises him that they will be together. In the other hotel suite, Phyllis and Nick try their hardest to hear what Adam is saying in the other room.

Ashley and Tucker are spending quality time together at Gloworm, when he gets a page for a business meeting. She tells him while he is doing his business meeting, she's going to pay a visit out at the ranch. A concerned Tucker probes to find out what's going on, but she stays mum.

Victor disregards Diane's request to spend time together. Knowing that she's still in the doghouse with him, regarding Nick, she tells him that she thinks it's time she came clear. She tells half truths about her spending time with Nick, only having dinner with him from time to time. Victor pretends to buy her story. Diane tells him she's going to run a few errands and bring back dinner for the two of them. When she's out of the door, Victor calls to have someone follow Diane and report back on where she is going.

Sharon finds a little motel to stay out. Once inside, she begins to write farewell letters to Noah, Faith, Nick and Adam. As she is writing, she remembers both the good times and the trying times she's had with each person she's writing to. In her letter to Adam, she tells him that as much as she loves him, she can't be with him. Taking off her engagement ring, she puts it on the table and leaves.

Tucker approached Victor at the athletic club. Victor tells him that he made a foolish mistake crossing him by buying Adam's stock. Tucker takes pleasure in rubbing it in, but is promptly stopped when Victor gives him a clear warning that he doesn't know what he's in store for.

Nikki opens the door to see Ashley has come to pay a visit. She tells her that after hearing about Sharon, she wanted to see if Nick needed any help when it comes to Faith and Summer. Nikki thanks her for her kindness, but tells her that she has everything under control. Ashley says that despite the differences the two of them have had, she simply wants to be there for Faith and the rest of the family if they need it. Nikki assures Ashley that she will give Nick the message once he returns home.

After Nick gets Diane off the phone and returns back to the hotel to get dressed, it's Phyllis's turn to get a phone call from Jack. She tells him that she's out of town. When Jack asks where she is, she quickly tells him that she has a lead and she has to go. When Diane witnesses Jack's perplexed look, she purposely rubs it in that she knows that Phyllis is out of town with Nick in the Caribbean. Jack turns the tables and asks why she's suddenly got Nick on the brain.

Nikki stops by with Faith to see Victor. Victor is happy to see his grand-daughter and asks Nikki to stay for a bit. The two are playing with Faith when Diane enters the house. Clearly not liking seeing the two exes together, she quickly pulls herself together and greets Nikki. Nikki, however, is not at all phased by Diane's fake sincerity. Victor walks Nikki and Faith to the door to see them off, leaving Diane to fume a bit.

Ashley meets Tucker back at the athletic club and tells him that she's going to talk to Nick about giving him a hand with Faith. When Jack shows up, she instantly thinks he's there to stir up trouble. He tells her that he's not there to stir things up but rather give his support to Tucker. After a brief moment of thinking, Tucker agrees to have Jack on his side to get even with Victor.

Managing to send Nick and Phyllis on another wild goose chase, Adam has them following him aboard a ferry. When they spot Adam, they call out to him and are stunned to see the bellboy dressed in his clothes. The bellboy explains that he was paid by Adam to dress like him. Realizing they've been had, they try to get off of the ferry but are told that nothing can be done until it turns back around the next day. As for Adam, he's already getting a private plane ready; unaware that Sharon will not be meeting him anywhere in Sedona like promised.

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