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What You Talkin’ Bout Chrishell (Stause)?

What You Talkin’ Bout Chrishell (Stause)?

What You Talkin' Bout Chrishell (Stause)?


Chrishell Stause has updated her twitter page and noted that she's hearing confirmation on the rumors that we've all been talking about (which  rumor is that exactly?). Meanwhile, she denied tweeting the picture of the Easter Eggs as posted by an anti-executive twitter account. Soap Opera Network apologizes for attributing that to Chrishell.  So what rumor are we about to learn is true?  Tune in to find out!


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — We're not saying she's referring to what we're thinking/hoping she's referring to, but it sure didn't squash the possibility, now did it? What exactly are we talking about? "All My Children's" Chrishell Stause (Amanda Martin) tweeted something very interesting on her Twitter page on Easter Sunday along with a retweet of a picture posted by a Twitter account demanding the ouster of Brian Frons, President, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group. Of course, said tweets were immediately deleted. Unfortunately, the power of the internet keeps your postings alive forever!

Late last night, Soap Opera Network received a screen grab of Stause tweeting that "a little birdie on a big chair leaked possible HUGE information to me 😀 My lips are sealed but it has a possibility of making many happy!" That tidbit of information could have meant anything, but her re-tweet of this picture made it a little obvious (unless we're wishfully thinking?). In addition to all of that, Chrishell tweeted @RyanBasford with "I wish I could say-but there are serious talks going on I found out for sure. I'm leaving anyway-but I want the show to go on!" when asked if recently canceled "AMC" would be picked up by a cable network now that ABC doesn't want it. Though her "I'm leaving anyway" does sound a little, shall we say odd. For those wondering, Ryan Basford is a talent production assistant at E!'s "Chelsea Lately."

Playing devils advocate, could the tweets be the workings of a hacker? Far fetched? Brandon Buddy (ex-Cole Thornhart, "One Life to Live") claimed his Twitter account was hacked when it tweeted he was leaving the soap when his contract was up. He did end up leaving at the end of his contract, even though he immediately denied his hacker's rumor. Things that make you go, hmm.

What do you think all this means ladies and gents (yes, men do watch the soaps advertisers…in droves!)?

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