GH Recap: Friday, April 29, 2011

GH Recap: Friday, April 29, 2011

( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Friday, April 29, 2011.


Sonny appeals to Abby, asking her to break off with Michael while she is under investigation. Sonny issues an ultimatum to Michael to stay away from her. Anthony eavesdrops as Jason lays out his theory that Johnny set Abby up for murder.

Anthony gets an eyeful of Lisa and Johnny demands to know what is going on. Lisa shows up at the Drake house as Kristina is babysitting Emma and gives her more “herbal supplements.” As Kristina falls asleep, Lisa galvanizes to action as Patrick prepares to return home.

Sonny is still doubtful of Lucian despite Brenda agreeing to a DNA test. Brenda and Robin turn their back on Lucian for a second – and he’s gone.

Maxie questions Jason and Sam’s timing on having a baby so soon after Jake’s death.

On the Next General Hospital…

  • Jason breaks into Johnny’s penthouse only to discover a suspicious woman in the doorway.
  • Brenda unravels with Lucian’s disappearance, accusing Sonny of not giving a damn about her son.
  • Jason asks Sam what she wants to do about the fertility procedure.


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