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The Instability of Lily’s Mind on ‘Y&R’

The Instability of Lily’s Mind on ‘Y&R’

The Instability of Lily's Mind on 'Y&R'

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Since the death of her husband last month, after he was murdered on CBS' "The Young and the Restless," Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) has been seeing what appears to be his ghost in various places – not to mention also hearing his voice. Lily's mind will continue to play tricks on her when actor Daniel Goddard returns to the CBS soap as the "ghost" of Cane in the coming weeks, but is it possible he's not a ghost after all?

In Lynette Rice's report on the status of Goddard, which was posted on Entertainment Weekly's website over a month ago, the reporter made it clear that "Goddard remains a paid employee of 'Y&R' until further notice (or until they’re officially ready to boot him)," according to her sources. A week after Rice posted this news Goddard was seen on the set filming an episode set to air during the week of March 28. In the episode, Goddard's character is seen standing in an elavator as Lily looks on with her aunt Olivia (Tonya Lee Williams) and her father Neil (Kristoff St. John) by her side. Lily instantly becomes frazzled by what she's seen and begins to question if she's losing her mind.

According to sources, "the storyline of Lily's mentality will continue to play out for sometime as the pieces of the puzzle become clearer as each day goes on." So what does this mean for Goddard fans who've been clamoring for the actors permanent return since it was announced the soap was "killing" his character off earlier this year? While there is still no definitive word on the actors status from the show or his representatives, we've been told that "the storyline is all part of a master plan by the writers and fans should continue to tune in to find out what happens next!"

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