Bren Foster Joins ‘Days of our Lives’ in Contract Role

Corday Productions, Inc.

NBC’s “” has cast newcomer in the contract role of Quinn, a character previously known as Fletcher in a recent casting call according to . The character is described as being a “charming businessman with an edge. He can be clean cut or not. He is sexy, mysterious and savvy, has an easy way with the ladies but can be formidable if crossed.” The World Champion’s first airdate will be in May and he’ll share his first scenes with ‘s Chloe Lane.

Prior to joining “DAYS,” Foster is probably best known for his roles in the Australian soap “” and drama “.” He recently completed work on two American films, one called “” where he played the role of John Ellis, a confederate sergeant alongside actors and , and “” where he portrays the title character Donnor ‘Bone’ Mason. He appeared regularly in the short lived National Geographic series “,” which delved into the world of mixed martial arts, fighting back and special ops.

Foster was born in and moved to when he was three years old. He started his acting career while in high school.