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B&B Recap: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

B&B Recap: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

B&B Recap: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap – Wednesday, March 23, 2011.


Taylor told Ridge that Stephanie is right about the whole situation. Ridge said there's nothing he can do except throw up his hands. Taylor coughed out more jabs about Brooke and Thomas defying him and asked Ridge if he's starting to notice the pattern they've got going on. Ridge asked himself how everything got so out of control and said he thought things were under control. Taylor told him that that's just how Thomas and Brooke wanted him to think. "This isn't just about the kiss or the act of defiance, it's bigger than that…it's a behavior pattern. I've watched Brooke do this for as many years as I can think back," said Taylor. Ridge told her that Brooke's concerned she and Stephanie never forget anything. Taylor told Ridge that she doesn't think he's forgotten one thing either and that he's overlooked it long enough. "Right now, it's staring you in the face. And all the wishing in the world won't make it go away." she said. Ridge told Taylor that she warned him of the Taboo line right from the start and that he should've listened. Taylor soaked that in and asked Ridge if Brooke has finally crossed the line with him. "It doesn't matter how much Brooke promises you that she isn't going to do this again–she's not going to end up in another scandal–it will happen. You know Ridge, I don't want to see you get hurt. You have to decide if you have finally had enough." Taylor lamented.

Tawny showed up at Amber's. Amber wondered why she was back. Tawny told her that she had to see her after she got hurt. Amber wasn't interested and tried to get her to leave. Tawny wouldn't budge and said she was here to stay. She encouraged Amber to embrace living the luxury life she's currently got handed to her. Amber said she was waiting for Liam to come by the beach house. After hearing that, dollar signs took over Tawny's eyes as she reamed with excitement. Amber begged Tawny to leave, explaining that Liam told her that he wanted to see her and that it sounded important. Tawny agreed to leave but told Amber to call her the minute Liam left. She told Amber to stick to their plan. "Our plan is working perfectly, in fact so perfectly that we have to step it up a little bit. Hope and Liam split up so now Liam is a single man with needs…" Tawny said. Amber said she's pregnant and there's no way she'd try to do that. Tawny reminded Amber that no one knows that the child she's carrying is Oliver's and that she will be raising it as a Spencer, giving it "the best future" she could possibly give it. Just then, Liam knocked on the door. Amber let him in and asked if he remembered her mother. Tawny flirted with Liam ("My, aren't you a nice, juicy slice of beefcake.") and then Amber hastily kicked her out. After, Liam apologized to Amber about her fall and wanted to make sure the baby was ok. Amber assured him that everything was ok. She noted how lonely she felt these days. Liam then wanted to make sure she had a doctor for the baby and Amber said she did. Liam asked if there was anything he could do for her, mentioning how she said she felt lonely. Amber got excited and said that if he really meant it, she wouldn't mind more of his company around the house. Liam said that he could stop by every now and then. Amber tried to persuade him to move in with her since they are having a child together and all. Liam just wasn't sure. Amber told him that he could have some time to think about it. She told him to go back to work and think about it, and then come back to her house later for dinner. Liam agreed with the plan and left. After, Tawny came back in threw the back porch and Amber told her that she was throwing a dinner party for her and Liam…and Hope and Oliver. "And I'll go on and on about the baby. And before dessert, Hope will realize she doesn't have a future with Liam and Liam will realize he has to move on with me." she declared.

Bill and Katie shared a hot kiss in his office. After, Katie told Bill she had to go to a meeting to discuss remodeling their new house. She expressed how much she's longed for a house along the beach and she wanted to make the most of it. She reminisced about Storm taking her to Point Dume when she was little and said maybe someday they could do the same for their children. She then went on to say that Amber's going to have to find some other place to live soon.

Later, Steffy visited Bill in his office after getting a call that he wanted to see her. She flirted with him the minute she entered and also teased him a little bit about wanting to kill Amber. Bill told Steffy that he called her over because he had a question for her, and one he couldn't ask his wife. "What's going on with your brother and Brooke?" he asked. Steffy said it was just business. Bill thought otherwise and then showed her the Taboo cancellation memo that Jarrett gave him earlier. Steffy was surprised to see it and said she had no idea this had happened. She said she was under the impression that the line was being expanded. "Now, I wonder what would happen to make your father father kill one of the most successful lines in the history of Forrester creations?" said Bill. He insinuated that Thomas and Brooke have been getting "freaky" and that's why Ridge cancelled the line. Steffy said nothing of that sort happened and she refused to believe that the line was really cancelled. Bill suggested that Ridge cancelled the line but Thomas and Brooke ignored him. Steffy said that they wouldn't do that. Bill asked if he could quote her on that. Steffy said there's no way he's running with this. "Not yet. But something tells me there is a story behind that memo." he said. Steffy changed the subject and talked about their attraction to each other. She said she went half way around the world to try and get away from him. Just then, Katie arrived at the door and listened in as Steffy told Bill that no one has excited her the way he does and that no one understands him the way she does. Bill said she doesn't know as much as she thinks. Steffy said that she knew his secret, subtlety bringing up what he did to Amber, asking him if he would have killed Amber if he had the chance. This caused Bill to flashback to what he did and voice that he had to do something. "She was on the edge of that cliff. I wanted her dead." he said. Just then, Katie finally walked in. "You wanted her dead. You were gonna kill Amber."

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