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AMC PreVUE: Week of September 20 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of September 20 Edition

Friday, September 17, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what’s happening on “All My Children” during the week of September 20, 2010.


Brot offers a friend some insight on Monday, September 20. Angie grows frustrated with her condition. On Tuesday, September 21, Tad and Liza take a step towards mending their relationship. Tad and Damon’s relationship, meanwhile, flourishes. Damon vows to prove himself to JR. Bianca and Kendall reach out to a friend. Scott and Annie are on the receiving end of JR’s ire on Wednesday, September 22. Asher manages to finagle his way out of major trouble after sneaking into Wildwind again. Caleb confronts JR about the shenanigans at Wildwind. Jesse and Tad step up to the plate to help Kendall out. Liza tells Kendall what she’s been sentenced to on Thursday, September 23. Kendall asks Zach to come home so they can work through what has happened.

The Inside Story: Free Your Mind
Ryan and Greenlee confess their tortured love for each other … to other people. Greenlee meets with Jesse at the crime scene. Jesse finds letters from David addressed to Greenlee, Amanda, Marissa and Angie. Greenlee is relieved when Jesse appears to buy her theory that David committed suicide. On Tuesday, September 21, Jesse shows Liza the latest evidence. Ryan is sure something is not right when Greenlee tells him about the discovery. Madison turns to Kendall for advice in dealing with Greenlee. Tad privately calls Greenlee on forging the letters from David after witnessing her reaction to Ryan continuing his self-investigation on Friday, September 24. Jesse brings Greenlee down to the station for questioning after finding an empty vial of digitalis in her car and receiving the lab results from David’s farewell letters.

A Closer Look: Too Close For Comfort
Randi confronts Madison after spying a close moment between her and Frankie. Madison admits to Frankie that something happened between them on the night of the party. On Tuesday, September 21, through flashback we see Frankie holding on to Madison a bit too intimately. Frankie apologizes to Madison for his behavior and the friends agree to put the incident behind them. Frankie reassure Randi of his feelings for her. Brot reprimands Natalia for stirring trouble between Frankie and Randi on Friday, September 24. Randi spies Frankie and Madison enjoying each others company. Frankie asks an uneasy Randi out on a date in an effort to smooth things over.

All My Children News and Headlines:


  • Marissa decides to take a shocked JR to court to gain primary custody of AJ. (National Enquirer)

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