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OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 5 Edition

OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 5 Edition

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Friday, April 2, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — In the line of duty.


Destiny and Danielle battle for the lead in the upcoming school musical, but later put aside their differences to support Matthew. Cole is relived when Hannah agrees to talk to Marty. Starr confronts Ford on Wednesday, April 7. Langston resists the urge to hook up with with her new lover. Alone with Markko, however, she continues to feel guilty. Starr isn’t happy with keeping Langston’s secret, and is stunned by her decision to break up with Markko. And Destiny, Danielle, and Matthew learn who has been cast in the musical on Friday, April 9. Elsewhere in Llanview, Allison continues to torment Roxy, telling her that her baby didn’t die after all. Kyle and Fish return home with Sierra Rose, and wonder if Gigi will still pursue custody. Kyle gives Fish his support. Roxy is upset to learn that Sierra Rose is not her granddaughter after all. Gigi is glad that Sierra Rose is safe, but isn’t sure what to do next.

The Inside Story: Heroic Actions

Schuyler holds Gigi at gunpoint on Monday, Apri 5, and begs her to take him back. Gigi, however, informs him that their is nothing left between them. Meanwhile, Rex and Bo realize where they are and speed off toward Viki’s cabin. Later, with Rex outside the door, Gigi screams for fear that Schuyler might commit suicide. After bursting into the cabin, Bo manages to stop Rex from beating Schuyler to a pulp. On Tuesday, April 6, Bo takes a bullet for Rex when Schuyler fires his gun. After receiving the news from Gigi, Nora and Matthew head for the hospital. Téa makes her way to the police station after hearing of Schuyler’s arrest. Greg springs into action when Bo’s condition becomes critical. By Wednesday, April 7, Rex explains to Nora how Bo saved his life, as Greg works against the clock to keep Bo alive. Nora, Matthew, and Rex share a tender moment with Bo as he is being taken off to surgery. Roxy vows to stand by Schuyler after talking to him at the police station. Although his condition remains critical, Bo makes it through surgery on Thursday, April 8. Clint forgives Bo, and begs him to hold on. Matthew and Nora urge Bo to fight for his life. Natalie and Rex say a prayer for Bo, who finally opens his eyes while Nora is at his bedside. Roxy shocks Rex and Gigi with the news that Schuyler is her son. Téa wants Schuyler to plead insanity. Bo’s family and friends receive good news concerning his condition on Friday, April 9. Clint tells Bo they will always be brothers.  Schuyler takes responsibility for his actions.

A Closer Look: Sibling Rivalry

Jessica lets Natalie know that she thinks she is taking her anger about John out on her and Cristian on Monday, April 5. Afterward, Natalie confesses to Cristian that she often wonders what might have been with John if Marty and the baby hadn’t gotten in the way. On Tuesday, April 6, the sisters continue to be at odd’s with one another when Jessica asserts that she and Cris aren’t over. Although they make up, Layla becomes angry after Cris admits to spending time with Jessica. Marty reassures Cole that all is well when he learns that she has been admitted to the hospital. Kelly decides to ask John to look into her mother’s death. Todd is none to pleased to discover that John is on the case. Marty presses John to help Kelly, telling him that she will be fine. Kelly calls Todd’s bluff when she chooses John’s help over his. By Friday, April 9, Kelly won’t let John go to California without her.

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