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Llanview Casting Gossip: April 16 Edition

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Llanview Casting Gossip: April 16 Edition

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Friday, April 16, 2010 11:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Several familiar faces will be seen again in the coming weeks, a half dozen new casting calls are released, and one cast member takes a much needed vacation, all in this edition of Llanview Casting Gossip.

Paul Rolfes reprises his recurring role of Dr. Jay Gangemi beginning Tuesday, April 27th when he informs Blair of Todd’s condition. Also look for the good doc and his medical team to take action when things become critical. Dr. Gangemi was last seen when discussing Sierra Rose’s heart condition with Rex and Gigi. Prior to that, he assisted Greg, who was operating on his brother Shaun.

Speaking of Shaun, Sean Ringgold returns on Friday, April 30th when Dorian wants to hire him out of fear for Kelly’s safety after Rodney turns up dead.

Is Tuc Watkins returning David Vickers Buchanan? According to Soap Opera Weekly, the actor “may be back again soon.” David was last seen earlier this month when he blackmailed Kim into leaving Clint.

Lynne McCollough first aired as Llanview Hospital Nurse Nan Wojciehowicz on Wednesday, March 30th in a flashback scene involving Allison Perkins. On Monday, April 19th, she is visited by Rex and Gigi, who are seeking answers as to his true paternity. Other upcoming airdates include Monday, May 3rd.

Charlotte Fitzpatrick portrayed Mrs. Stevens, the administrator of the California asylum where Melinda died, this past week.

“One Life to Live” has released several auditions scripts in the past few days and weeks. The first is for “Murray,” who appears to be a new dental student at Llanview University. Apparently, he is asked to fix some broken teeth for “Cara,” however, he tells her that the damage too severe for him to do anything about it.

There is also a script for a “Wedding Singer.” Reportedly, a skunk found its way into the location where a wedding is scheduled to take place and the wedding singer and “Dan” are having a conversation about how to get rid of the smell since the wedding is only a few hours away and are unable to move the event to another location.

A third script is for “Bull.” It seems that Bull has kidnapped “Anna,” and called “James” with her phone. James, who has been looking for Anna, asks Bull what he is doing with her phone, to which he demands money. Although James replies that he doesn’t have the cash, he warns Bull against harming Anna. Bull says that it will only happen if he gets what he wants. He also thinks that James is lying when he claims to have lost all of his money. James claims that it is the truth. He states that he hid the money, and went back later to get it only to discover that someone had stolen it. Bull reiterates his threat that either he get the cash or he can kiss his girlfriend good-bye.

The fourth new script is for “Mrs. Stein.” This script looks nearly identical to the one for the Wedding Singer.

The fifth new script is for the role of “Fawn,” who appears to be a hooker. The scene begins with Fawn asking “Steve” where he has been, claiming that no one has seen him for sometime. Steve replies that he has been in visiting London and Paris. He says that he has returned to town to spend some time with his cousin “Daniel” who is single and ready to go out and party. Fawn and Daniel exchange pleasantries. Fawn then asked Daniel what happened, to which he replies that he got dumped at the altar on the day of their wedding. Fawn says it that it was her loss, however Daniel doesn’t seem so convinced. Fawn tries to reassure him by saying that one day she will regret breaking up with someone so handsome and wealthy. As the scene ends she tells him that it costs extra for staying overnight.

And the last script is for “Wendy,” which is very similar to the one for Fawn.

Remember that, as a general rule of thumb, “OLTL” frequently changes names in this audition scripts in an attempt to throw off viewers.

Her scenes have likely already aired, but Tatiana Dellepiane just updated her website with a note saying that on February 18th she “filmed an U/5 as the waitress on ABC’s ‘One Life to Live.'”

Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweeted Friday that “It’s official. no work until the 27th! California here I come ; )

And Tramaine Montell Ford continues to comment about his (still yet unnamed) role on “OLTL” during the musical on his Twitter page. Here is his most recent tweet from Thursday afternoon: “Finished day 7 at abc… now, for day 8… Let’s do it! Starting at 7:30am! Taping around 11….”

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