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AMC PreVUE: Week of April 26 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of April 26 Edition

Photo: Donna Svennevik/ABC

Friday, April 23, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Playing with fire.


Jesse and Brot both lose their cool after seeing the results from Natalia’s Fusion photo shoot on Tuesday, April 27. Angie grows suspicious of David and Liza. Liza and Colby continue to butt heads over Damon. Paul Miller (Robert Curtis Brown), Damon’s father, arrives in Pine Valley to confront Tad. A heartsick Tad rips into Paul after witnessing his treatment of Damon. Damon overhears an upset Liza telling Colby that Tad is his father on Thursday, April 29. Tad and Damon come face to face. Erica’s restriction poses a challenge to Jack’s objective for their future. Jake and Amanda turn to Jesse for help in reigning in the increasingly creepy AmandaFan. On Friday, April 30, AmandaFan prepares to confront the object of her affection after taking care of Natalia.

The Inside Story: Walk the Line
JR plans to beat a menacing Annie to the punch. Colby interrupts just as JR is about to confess all to Marissa. Annie is relieved to learn that Adam has left town indefinitely. Marissa is gob-smacked when she learns that Adam is divorcing Annie on the grounds of infidelity on Tuesday, April 27. A quick-thinking Scott steps in and tells Marissa that Adam’s accusation was directed towards him and Annie. On Wednesday, April 28, a reinvigorated Annie gets comfortable at the mansion and implies to JR that she may even go after securing the property for herself in the divorce. Marissa is sure she’s not getting the full story about Adam and Annie’s breakup. Marissa assures a guilt-ridden JR that their love is strong enough to get them through anything. Annie spies on JR and Marissa’s intimate moment. JR and Tad confide in each other on Friday, April 30. Tad’s observation about secrets affects JR who contemplates his next move.

A Closer Look: Playing Dirty
On Monday, April 26, friendship continues to blossom as Ryan gives a nervous Madison a pep talk before for her first shift as a cocktail waitress at the casino. David covers his hurt when Greenlee doesn’t reciprocate his declaration of love. Liza finds David drinking alone in the park and quickly deduces the reason for his sorry state. A seething David later spies on Ryan at the casino. Greenlee issues Madison an ultimatum after learning she’s also working for Ryan. David concludes that Madison may come in handy in his plans after learning that she lied to Greenlee about quitting her job at the casino. Ryan quietly remedies the situation after learning Madison’s on the verge of eviction. David begins to dig for more dirt on Madison and hits pay-dirt when he eavesdrops on her and Randi on Friday, April 30.

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  • JR sets the stage to tell Marissa the truth but can he follow through? (National Enquirer)

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