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AMC PreVUE: Week of April 12 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of April 12 Edition

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Friday, April 9, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

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Things once again go way off track when Tad confronts Damon after talking to Angie who believes Damon is suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). On Thursday, April 15, Jesse takes action to get Damon on track. Tad and Brooke catch-up. Amanda and Jake work to nudge Brot and Natalia’s budding relationship along on Wednesday, April 14. Amanda jumps to the wrong conclusion about the identity of her enthusiastic cyber-fan (AMANDAFAN). David learns his fate

The Inside Story: Raging Heart
Kendall confirms Greenlee’s suspicion that she was the one driving the car that ran her off the road on that fateful night. On Monday, April 12, Greenlee accuses a stunned Kendall of having deliberately set out to kill her to clear the path to Ryan. Pushed to her limit, Kendall lists some of the horrific things her best friend has done to her. Kendall goes on to point out she was able to forgive Greenlee and is asking for the same in return. Zach is thrilled to see Greenlee alive on Tuesday, April 13. Greenlee questions how Zach can remain with Kendall after her affair with Ryan. Zach admits to Greenlee that he will probably never love Kendall like he once did but asserts that he wants to try and make his marriage work. David panics when he learns Greenlee went after Kendall and Ryan went after Greenlee. Zach points out to Greenlee that she herself played a role in the events that led to the accident. Greenlee storms off in a rage when Ryan then arrives at the yacht with Kendall. At the airport, an unsure Greenlee contemplates her next destination. Zach, meanwhile, informs Kendall that if she decides to return to Pine Valley she’ll be doing it alone. Kendall makes her decision on Friday, April, 16. Back in Pine Valley, Ryan severs all ties with Greenlee after she decimates Kendall on the stand at David’s trial.

A Closer Look: Your Cheating Heart
David makes it clear to Adam that he is going to die if he doesn’t remove himself from all things stressful. JR is literally unable to stand the sight of himself after having sex with Annie. Marissa’s arrives at JR’s hotel room door on Monday, April 12. Annie is shaken to learn about Adam’s latest episode. JR and Annie agree that they can never be together again. Brooke’s concern for Adam continues to get under Annie’s skin. On Wednesday, April 14, JR admits to Annie that he desires her but insists he loves his wife. Scott and JR learn that Adam has relinquished full control of Chandler Enterprises to them. On Thursday, April 15, Adam pulls Brooke into a kiss; elsewhere, Annie plays right into JR’s hands when she does little to curb her simmering attraction to him. JR has the ammo he needs to nail Annie but his none the wiser wife later convinces him to destroy it. Brooke tells Adam that they can’t be together.

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