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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 29 Edition

OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 29 Edition

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Friday, March 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

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Layla observes Cristian and Jessica having a fun time building sets for the musical. Cristian tells Layla why he is keeping an eye on his old girlfriend. Jessica doesn’t like what she sees when Cristian and Layla lock lips on Tuesday, March 30. Later, Layla stumbles upon an old love letter from Cristian to Jessica and asks him to get rid of it. After disposing of the letter, however, he bumps into Jessica. David digs up some dirt on Kim, and orders her to divorce Clint or else on Wednesday, March 31. After walking out on Clint, Kim vows revenge on David. Eli isn’t phased when Blair tells him she comes with a lot of emotional baggage. And Kelly demands answers from Allison regarding her mother’s death.

The Inside Story: Love Will Keep Us Together?

Starr reluctantly lies to Markko and agrees to keep Langston’s secret. However, Langston goes into panic mode when Markko tells her that Hannah accused Ford of sleeping with her, but relaxes when he writes it off as nothing but gossip on Monday, March 29. Cole confesses to Starr that he spent the evening his Hannah’s dorm room and that she overdosed on sleeping pills. Langston is impressed when Ford defends her honor to Hannah on Wednesday, March 31. Later, when Langston considers breaking up with Markko, Ford advises her to continue the status quo for the time being. Starr isn’t sure what to do when Langston begs her to keep quiet about her and Ford. Langston is caught in a lie by Markko on Thursday, April 1. Thinking something is up, Markko asks Cole to find out from Starr what Langston is hiding. Eslewhere, regaining consciousness following her fainting spell, Marty fears that she is having a miscarriage. John remains at Marty’s side as the paramedics transport her to the hospital. On Tuesay, March 30, Dr. Townshend tells the relieved couple that the baby is fine, but that the pregnancy is very high risk. John asks Marty to move in with him so he can help take care of her and the baby. Although disappointed to learn they are moving in together, Natalie hides her feelings and reminds John that she plans to stay away from him.

A Closer Look: Dirty Little Secrets

Holding Mitch hostage, Schuyler injects him with a drug that will ultimately stop his heart on Monday, March 29. Furthermore, he vows not to give him the antidote until Mitch calls Allison and orders her to bring Sierra Rose to the prison infirmary. Objecting at first, Mitch gives in to Schuyler’s demands when the drug begins to take effect. Against his better judgment, Bo allows Allison enter the infirmary. Fish frees Roxy and Kyle, and reads the results of the DNA test. On Tuesday, March 30, Allison tells Schuyler and Mitch about the night the cult leader’s son was born. At the same time, Roxy stuns Rex the details surrounding his birth. Kyle gives Fish a shoulder to lean on as he deals with the fact that he is a father. Schuyler refuses to back down on Wednesday, March 31. Allison finally hands over the baby, however, Schuyler takes her by suprise when he throws the syringe across the room. In the chaos, Brody manages to apprehend Allison. Although he assures Roxy that he still loves her, Rex later breaks down in front of Natalie. By Thursday, April 1, Bo has the difficult task of convincing Brody not to let Mitch die.  Bo isn’t sure what happened to Allison’s gun. Schuyler is forced to give Sierra Rose to Fish, when the cop presents him with proof that he is really her biological father. Gigi and Natalie help give solace to Rex, who laments that he has no idea who his parents really are. On Friday, April 2, claiming that Sierra Rose is there, Schuyler takes Gigi to Viki’s cabin. However, she soon grows suspicious when he tells her that they can still have a life together, and then holds her at gunpoint. And Allison taunts Roxy, telling her that her baby didn’t die after all.

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