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AMC PreVUE: Week of March 8 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of March 8 Edition

Photo: Steve Fenn/ABC

Friday, March 5, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Calling all angels.


Angie contemplates her future on Tuesday, March 9. On Thursday, March 11, Tad and Dixie share a heartfelt (albeit spiritual) reunion. Liza learns Damon’s surprising maternal link. Tad takes responsibility for Damon on Friday, March 12.

The Inside Story: Stay With Me
On Monday, March 8, Adam has his work cut out for him when Annie’s jealousy gets the better of her and she’s unable to proceed with the harvesting procedure. Brooke realizes what Adam and Annie are up to. Adam, Tad, Marissa and Colby each imagine a future with a healthy JR as he undergoes the infusion. JR goes into duress. Angie gives JR’s family devastating news. Brooke attempts to get a confrontational Annie to focus on what’s important. JR finds himself back in heaven with Dixie, while his family pleads with him to fight for his life. Tad feels Dixie’s presence as he prays for JR to make it. JR realizes what he has to do after watching Adam and AJ by his bedside on Wednesday, March 10. JR pulls through. Brooke convinces an exhausted Adam to return home with Annie. Annie bristles when Adam doesn’t give her the attention she craves. A hidden David watches the scene between the Chandlers. On Friday, March 12, Adam demands that Annie rectify her mistake when he learns that she asked Brooke to move out. David comes out of hiding after seeing Adam clutching his chest following the confrontation. JR asks Brooke to protect his father from Annie.

A Closer Look: Hide and Seek
On Monday, March 8, a disappointed David gives Erica a taste of her own medicine. Greenlee lashes out at Ryan, Jake and Jesse for railroading David. David places a phone call to Greenlee from Erica’s penthouse. Ryan reveals to Jake that he placed a tracking device on Greenlee’s cell phone. Greenlee multi-tasks when she arrives at Erica’s on Tuesday, March 9. Greenlee is reunited with David at the hospital chapel after finding the clue he left at the penthouse. David insists to Greenlee that he has to go on the run alone, but promises to return to her. Ryan appears to buy Greenlee’s explanation for being at the hospital. Jack refuses to assist Greenlee in helping David. David and Greenlee meet up at Leo’s grave on Thursday, March 11. Ryan offers to make a deal with Greenlee. Greenlee and Ryan work to outsmart each other.

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  • Greenlee and Erica set up their camps as the battle for Fusion get underway. (Soap Opera Digest)

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