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OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 15 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 15 Edition

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Friday, February 12, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — It’s never too late to say you’re sorry.


Marty lets her anger show when she sees John and Natalie kissing on Monday, February 15. By week’s end, John tries set the record straight with Marty. Langston lets her self into Ford’s office, unaware that he is sleeping there. Later, just as they end up in a passionate kiss, Langston is ordered home in a phone call from Dorian. Cristian advises Ford as to the dangers of getting involved with a student on Wednesday, February 17. Langston confides in Blair that she kissed Ford again. Elsewhere in Llanview, Dorian panics when Mitch tells her that her actions have already sealed the fate of one of her girls. In Paris, Kelly and Adriana accept champagne from a mysterious stranger named Emile while catching up at a café. Dorian calls Kelly to warn her of possible danger, however Kelly fails to take her seriously. As Adriana leaves with Emile, Kelly receives a call from Cassie, who tells her their may be some truth to Dorian’s claim. Across town, Blair comes to get Starr and Hope after receiving Cassie’s warning. On Wednesday, February 17, Blair, Starr, and Langston are ready to forgive Dorian after she tells them of Mitch’s threats, but are horrified to hear how she manipulated Charlie into doing her bidding. Kelly seeks David’s help in finding Adriana, and they quickly get a lead after finding Emile’s credit card receipt. And later, Kelly and David get an eyeful when finally find Adriana.

The Inside Story: Skating on Thin Ice

While holding baby Sierra Rose tight in her arms, the ice gives way under Gigi on Monday, February 15. Fortunately, she manages to keep the infant out of the sub-freezing water. She hands the baby to Fish, while Rex and Schuyler prepare to pull her from the lake. After rescuing Gigi, Rex looks on as Schuyler breathes life back into the woman he loves. Back at the cabin, Kim finally locates Stacy. However, after leaving for only a moment, she returns to find Stacy gone. On Tuesday, February 16, Stacy spots Rex, Gigi, and Schuyler from a distance. As she walks toward them, however, she too falls through the ice. Rex plays the hero and tries in vain to save her. He dives into the water after Stacy, but it is already too late. Meanwhile, Schuyler and Gigi rush the baby to the hospital. By Thursday, February 18, Kim is beside herself with grief when Rex breaks the news of Stacy’s death. Gigi becomes emotional as she keeps watch over Sierra Rose in the NICU ward. Schuyler tells Gigi that her sister is dead. Rex demands answers from Kim. Later, Gigi and Schuyler are told that the baby has a congenital heart defect, which will require surgery on Friday, February 19. Kyle ponders whether or not Fish would want to find out if he is the baby’s real father. At the same time, Schuyler steps forward when parental consent is needed for surgery. Kim blasts Rex for the way he has always treated Stacy. Afterward, she stands beside the frozen lake and says a final farewell to her late friend. And, while on their back to Llanview with Nora and Bree, Bo gently breaks the news about Stacy to Shane.

A Closer Look: Hell Hath No Fury

Charlie rocks Viki’s world when he tells her that he was the one who shot Jessica on Monday, February 15, and explains that Mitch was his intended target. Meanwhile, Mitch confesses to Viki that Charlie and Dorian were working together. Realizing what happened, Viki encounters Dorian. The fur begins to fly on Tuesday, February 16, when Viki tears into her long-time archival, blaming her for her daughter getting shot. Dorian explains that she is sorry about what happened to Jessica, but that she was only doing what she had to do to protect her family. Trying to make amends, Dorian fires Lowell as police commissioner, however Viki reminds her it is going to take a lot more than that to atone for her sins. Even with Dorian’s apology, Charlie still takes responsibility for what has happened. As he is being taken off to prison, Mitch continues to tease and taunt Dorian and Charlie. Brody quizzes Marty about electroshock therapy. Dorian hires Eli to represent her and Charlie. Greg has some good news for Viki, Clint, and Brody concerning Jessica on Thursday, February 18. Brody informs Viki and Clint what Mitch did and was about to do to his own daughter. Jessica still has no idea who Brody is. Charlie tells Clint that he’s sorry. Viki grudging allows Charlie to walk away. And, on Friday, February 19, after examining Jessica, Marty shares her insights into her present state of mind.

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