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‘OLTL’ February Casting Updates

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‘OLTL’ February Casting Updates

Photo: ABC

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 12:00 AM ET | By Scotty Gore

( — February promises to bring along some changes and excitement to “One Life to Live.”

Given that her elaborate web of lies will begin to be exposed in the coming weeks, Stacy Morasco (Crystal Hunt) will soon find herself skating on thin ice, both literally and figuratively. Following the birth of her baby, the new mother soon ventures out into the woods where she plunges to a watery grave. Viewers will last see the former Vegas pole dancer alive on Tuesday, February 16th.

Although it hasn’t been announced who has been cast in the role, look for the character of Emile to first air on Friday, February 12th. Expect the “handsome stranger” to send Kelly and Adriana glasses of champagne as the cousins get re-acquainted while dining at a Paris café. The following week, the suave businessman persuades Adriana to leave with him. Meanwhile, Kelly receives a call from Cassie warning her that Dorian’s claim that one of her “girls” may be in danger, just might be true after all. But which one? And, after Kelly runs into David Vickers while in Paris, the search is on for Dorian’s youngest born.

Is Kevin O’Rourke about to exit as Stanley Lowell for a second time? On Tuesday, February 16th, Viki forces Dorian to correct at least one of her mayoral mistakes by removing the corrupt politician from office.

On Friday, February 26th, Mitch receives an unexpected visitor while in his jail cell. But is it Allison (Barbara Garrick), who is expected to return in the near future, or someone else?

Steph Garcia announced last month on her website that her “2nd Under-5 on ‘One Life to Live’ airs Jan 15th and filmed third Under-5 as the Buenos Dias Waitress to air March 12th!”

Look for another dayplayer role to air on Thursday, February 11th.

There is a RUMOR floating around that viewers may soon meet Amelia Bennett’s (Tia Hodge) family. However, that cannot be confirmed at this time. Remember that Amelia was Dorian’s wife/campaign manager last fall.

And “One Life to Live” has released another casting call, this time for the role of “Glenn.” The scene begins with “Glenn” and “Danielle” sitting together in what could be the Lord Library at Llanfair. Danielle sets beside Glenn and asks him if everything is fine. When he replies no, she asks him if everything will be alight. Glenn says that he has been doing a lot of thinking recently, and that he had always assumed that his father would write or call him. But instead, he never even got a birthday card or a baseball glove or anything. After awhile, he just got over it and moved on with his life.

However, when his mother died a few years ago, he came across a bunch of stuff in the basement. So he decided to visit Llanview to meet his father, who pretended as if he didn’t even know him. He goes on to explain to Danielle that, according to his father, his mother told him that he was dead, and that he never had a reason not to believe that she wasn’t telling the truth. Then he said that his father talked about how “David Vickers” would show up and trick people and that’s when he decided to investigate the matter further.

Danielle tries to reassure Glenn that once his father has him checked out, things will be better. However, he tells her that his father doesn’t deserve a second chance, and would appreciate it if they could just drop the subject. Danielle says sure, and that’s it’s fine with her, as long as they don’t start talking about her mother.

As the scene ends, he embraces Danielle, whom he thinks is a good match for him. He begins to feel sorry for himself, but starts to feel sorry for Danielle when he realizes that she is more screwed up than he is. Danielle says that the nuns always told her that she was good for something, but she never knew what it was until now. Glenn agrees with her when she claims that being alone sucks, and assures her that they will make it through this somehow. She then rests her head on his shoulder.

Remember that “OLTL” routinely changes the names in these audition scripts to try to throw off viewers, so “Danielle” and “David Vickers” may not even be involved with “Glenn,” and might only be code names for different characters.

“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on and Check local listings.

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