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AMC PreVUE: Week of March 1 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of March 1 Edition

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Friday, February 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The game of survivor.


Greenlee attempts to call a cease-fire with Erica after another particularly bitter exchange. Angie refuses to give in to David’s latest blackmail attempt. David spies Frankie popping a pain pill. Damon reaches out to Colby. Tad realizes how dire Damon’s situation is on Tuesday, March 2. Seeing a lot of himself in Damon, Tad makes the young man an offer. Damon is an easy fit in the Martin household. On Friday, March 5, Liza remains wary of Damon’s fit with her daughter. Krystal reaches out to Tad.

The Inside Story: Win, Lose or Draw
David and Greenlee plot to take down Erica. Erica and Ryan team up to destroy David. Erica, Liza and Ryan put the pressure on Gayle who can’t quite let go of her attachment to David on Tuesday, March 2. Gayle spills that David bribed a coroner to assist him with his deception about Greenlee’s death but claims to not know the name of the person. David works his magic upon making contact with Gayle. On Wednesday, March 3, Ryan greets a surprised David when the doc arrives to pick up Gayle at the address she provided. Gayle makes a decision after commiserating with Amanda. Jake, Ryan, Gayle, Erica set their plan against David into motion on Thursday, March 4. An unhinged Gayle pulls a gun on Erica after David refuses to give into their threats and sign a formal confession. Gayle shoots Erica! David gives Gayle what she wants but soon realizes he was duped. Greenlee faces off with Ryan after helping David escape. Erica finds an unhappy David waiting for her in her home.

A Closer Look: Dreams & Nightmares
Annie learns she is a partial bone marrow match for JR but keeps the news to herself. JR flips out when he sees Annie standing over his hospital bed on Monday, March 1. Annie seethes as she witnesses the bond between Adam and Brooke. On Wednesday, March 3, realizing she stands to reap more personal gain from saving the life of her husband’s son, Annie finally tells a thrilled Adam that she just may be the answer to his prayers. Dixie’s spirit appears at a dying JR’s bedside. Knowing JR would refuse anything from Annie, Mr. and Mrs. Chandler cook up a plan for Annie to donate anonymously. JR is content as can be as he spends time with Dixie and Stuart in heaven. Brooke’s potential threat to her place continues to leave Annie restless. Annie loses it during the harvesting procedure. Dixie urges JR to fight to live on Friday, March 5.

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