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AMC Recap: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

By Angela Rosa

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 6:00 PM ET | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Tuesday, January 26, 2010.


Jesse targets Damon as the prime suspect in the string of break-ins that have been occurring around town. Liza’s furious with Tad when she comes to believe he pointed Jesse in Damon’s direction.

Frankie realizes Randi is volunteering at the Miranda Center not only to help women but to also score points with Erica. Randi tries to get past her doubts about being able to trust Madison. Erica applauds Randi’s idea for Fusion’s new ad campaign.

Greenlee can’t stop herself from obsessing over the fact that Erica is in charge at Fusion. David knows Greenlee will be crushed when she learns that Ryan has moved on with his life. Greenlee dreams of reuniting with Ryan and taking back her company.

On the Next All My Children…

  • Jake wants to take revenge against David.
  • Marissa’s dumbfounded by David’s actions.
  • Natalia and Brot stumble upon a mystery.

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