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AMC PreVUE: Week of January 4 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of January 4 Edition

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Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 9:00 AM ET by Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Pine Valley celebrates its 40th birthday this week.


On Monday, January 4, Ryan warns Hayley that a lot has changed since she last stepped foot in Pine Valley. Hayley and her new step-mother, Annie, don’t hit it off. Madison comes through for the Hubbard’s. Angie continues to be a source of strength for Madison. Liza and Tad kiss and make-up on Wednesday, January 6. Bailey turns to Liza for help after Damon gets into a jam. Liza comes face to face with Stuart again. On Thursday, January 7, a fed up, and completely finagled, Amanda threatens to leave Jake if he doesn’t back off of David. JR admits his fears to Marissa. On Friday, January 8, an unnerved Annie learns that her ace in the hole, Adam’s crooked judge, dismissed himself from Emma’s custody hearing thanks to Liza.

The Inside Story: The Times to Remember
On Monday, January 4, after making a grand entrance with Mateo, Hayley announces that she’s returned to tape a special episode of her talk-show “Wave” in honor of Pine Valley which has been named “Best Town in America.” On a special episode of “AMC,” airing on Tuesday, January 5, Hayley’s celebration of Pine Valley airs in segments titled “My Home,” “Love and Marriage,” “Family Friendly,” “Loss,” “Saying Goodbye to Pine Valley,” and “Hope.” In these segments, the town’s leading citizens and many faces that have left their mark on Pine Valley during the past four decades share memories and speak from their heart about what their beloved hometown means to them.

A Closer Look: Wood on the Fire
Hayley is shocked when she realizes something is going on between Ryan and Erica on Monday, January 4. David explains to Greenlee why he let everyone believe she died in the accident. Greenlee debates calling Ryan after David give her the news that she needs a potentially life-threatening surgery to repair her spinal cord if she ever hopes to walk again. Erica and Ryan both realize what they want. Ryan pulls Erica into a passionate kiss. On Wednesday, January 6, Greenlee’s happy dream of being reunited with her loved ones ends right before she gets to the part with Ryan. Ryan abruptly takes off after Opal barges in on him and Erica in a very intimate moment. Erica and Ryan are consumed by thoughts of each other. Ryan and Erica make love on Thursday, January 7. David doesn’t shatter Greenlee’s fantasy of life back home.

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