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OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 25 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 25 Edition

Friday, May 22, 2009 8:00 AM EST | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Never deprive someone of Hope–it may be all they have.


The Buchanans and other loved ones rejoice in the news that Natalie and Jared are married on Tuesday, May 26. Nora begrudgingly informs Bo of her engagement to Clint. On Wednesday, May 27, Dorian floors Markko and Langston with news of Lola’s shenanigans. Unable to pay their rent and refusing to live with their mommies, Cristian and Layla are forced to become roommmies. Caught in his trap, Stacy pays Kyle’s bail. Rex doesn’t quite buy Stan’s claim that Stacy swindled him on Tuesday, May 27. Schuyler shares his theory about Stacy’s bogus stem cells with Gigi. Meanwhile, Stacy bats her eyes at Rex, and manages to worm her way out of a tight squeeze. Gigi plots Stacy’s fall from Rex’s grace after hearing Schuyler say that he thinks Stacy switched her stem cells with someone else. Roxy has no alternative but to give Kyle a room at the Angel Square Hotel. Schuyler grows suspicious of Kyle on Thursday, May 28. Stacy decides to go behind Rex’s back and pays off Stan. And Rex isn’t sure what to make of seeing Gigi and Schuyler together.

Memorial Day Encore Episode: ‘Mother Courage’ (original airdate 3/9/09)

Cole, high on drugs, is involved in a horrific car accident with Gigi and Shane. Marty and John quickly spring into action following the wreck. While John rescues the mother and son Morasco, Marty the Incredible Hulk lifts a car off of her son. All the while, no one is wise to the fact that Matthew was traveling with Cole and has been ejected from the vehicle. After being rushed to the ER, Cole nearly OD’s on pills, prompting Marty to pledge to be a better mother to her only child. Bo becomes concerned after discovering Matthew’s hat at the scene of the accident. At the same time, Blair is prepped for surgery following being stabbed while in the shower. Todd rebuffs Dorian’s accusations that he was the one who harmed Blair. Starr in unsuccessful in her attempts to make Schuyler see her as more than just a student. Instead he tells the love struck teen to take a hike. Stacy gives Rex a drug laced cocktail, and begins putting the moves on the poor guy. Rex eventually becomes so out of it, that he fails to notice Gigi’s calls concerning the accident.

The Inside Story: Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd
Bess overpowers Jessica and disposes of her cell phone when Brody attempts to call her again. Tess tries to reason with Bess, and insists the control freak can’t raise a baby on her own on Tuesday, May 26. Locking Tess away, Bess has a new idea. Meanwhile, Brody moves heaven and earth to get to Jessica. As Bess pays a visit to Nash’s parents posing as a distraught Jessica, Viki goes before a television camera and pleads for information concerning her daughter’s whereabouts on Thursday, May 28. However, just when Bess begins to think the coast is clear, Cindy and Phil Brennan question her after seeing Viki’s televised appeal. Thinking on her feet, Bess spins a web of lies to Jessica’s former in-laws calming their concerns on Friday, May 29. And, unbeknownst to Bess, Brody is quickly closing in on her.

A Closer Look: Never Lose Hope
Blair has a change of heart while at the hospital and reaches out to a concerned Todd. Marty and a still married John steal a kiss on Wednesday, May 27, but ultimately decide the time isn’t right for anything more. Todd is relieved to learn that Téa pulled through surgery. Soon afterward, Téa reminds a dismissive Blair how they both proclaimed Todd as the love of their lives. Firing back, Blair asks an innocent looking Téa about her ‘big secret.’ Finally the two women agree to keep their boiler room conversation confidential. Todd offers Téa room and board while she recuperates. By Thursday, May 28, John puts the pieces of the puzzle together, and understands that Marcie and Michael are thisclose to learning the truth about baby Hope. After discussing it with Blair, John tells his brother and sister-in-law the truth, and nothing but the truth on Friday, May 29. At the same time, Todd, Blair, and Marty prepare to give Starr and Cole the shock of their lives.

One Life to Live News and Headlines


  • Bess begins to feel the heat, and fears her days on the run may be coming to an end. (Soap Opera Digest)
  • Starr has second thoughts about Todd and about giving away her baby. (Soap Opera Digest)
  • Rachel questions her mother’s motives for saying yes to Clint’s proposal. (Soap Opera Weekly)

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