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‘OLTL’ Mid-March Comings & Goings

Friday, March 13, 2009 4:06 PM EDT | By Scotty Gore

( –The latest “One Life to Live” casting tidbits.

Who’s Coming?

  • Soap veteran David Forsyth arrives in Llanview starting April 16th as the priest performing baby Chloe’s christening. The role is recurring.

    Soap fans may recall Forsyth from his stints as Hogan McCleary on “Search for Tomorrow” (1983-1986) and Dr. John Hudson on “Another World” (1987-1997). However, the actor has several other soap credits as well. From 1981-1982 Forsyth portrayed T.J. Canfield on “Texas.” Also he appeared in a handful of episodes of “As the World Turns” (Burke Donovan–1983), “All My Children” (Jim/Bob Thomasen–1989), and “Days of Our Lives” (John–2001). From 2002-2006, he also directed several episodes of “General Hospital.” And in 1993, he appeared as his “AW” character in the “Another World Reunion Special.” Forsyth’s other television appearances include “Soap Talk,” “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” “Law & Order,” “Sex and the City,” “The Awakening,” and “30 Rock.”

  • Tim Hopper first airs as Dr. Shinseki, Matthew’s medical care professional, on March 13th. Hopper’s acting credits include appearances on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Law & Order,” “Oz,” and “Medium.” In 2006, he appeared in a handful of episodes of “As the World Turns” as Judge Steve Colby. Hopper has also did some voice over work for several programs, including the news program “Frontline.” His “OLTL” role is recurring.
  • Hadley Delany makes an appearance on “One Life” as Frankie, a young cancer patient whom Shane encounters, on March 19th. Delany, a third grade student in New York City, made her Broadway debut last month as a younger version of lead character Katherine (portrayed by Joan Allen) in the Broadway production of “Impressionism.”
  • Mandy Gonzalez first appears as drug counselor Lauren Hoffman, a drug treatment center representative, on March 26th. Gonzalez is currently slated to appear in four episodes of “OLTL.” The Broadway star has appeared in numerous stage productions, including “Aida,” “Lennon,” and “Dance of the Vampires.” Gonzalez, along with her co-stars, won an ‘OBIE Award for Performance’ in 2001 for the play “Eli’s Comin’.” For more information on Mandy Gonzalez, visit her official website at clicking here.
  • Look for more dayplayer roles in the March 11th and 13th episodes, as well as the May 6th episode.

Who’s Returning?

  • Tuc Watkins is already back and taping more episodes at the “OLTL” studios. Watkins, who has portrayed David Vickers on and off since 1993, left “One Life” in February, and last aired on March 2nd.
  • Kamar de los Reyes returns to Llanview briefly as Antonio Vega later this spring to help escort his on-screen girlfriend Talia Sahid out of town. De los Reyes left “One Life” in January after deciding not to renew his contract with the soap, last appearing on screen the week of March 23rd.
  • Sean Ringgold is back as Shaun, the Cramer family bodyguard, on March 23rd.
  • Mellini Kantayya is back as a Nurse at Llanview Hospital on March 17th. Kantayya portrayed a nurse in several “One Life” episodes between 2005 and 2008. She also portrayed Darcy in a few episodes of “As the World Turns” between 2004 and 2008.
  • Erinn Holmes again portrays an ICU Nurse on March 10th and 12th. Holmes has portrayed similar roles as a medical assistant on “One Life to Live” (2007-2009) as “As the World Turns” (2007-2008). Also Holmes appeared in two episodes of “Guiding Light” as Sherry (2008) and as an Immigration Agent (2009).
  • Casey Cipriani appeared again as one of Starr’s high school classmates on March 6th. This made the fourth appearance for Cipriani in the role so far this year, with the other three being in January. The actress had a cameo in the “Bourne Ultimatum” as a girl at a hot dog stand. Other TV appearances include “Haunted Hotels,” “Law & Order,” and the film “Assassination of a High School President.”
  • Will Schneider plays Cop ‘C’ on March 17th. Schneider has appeared in at least five episodes of “One Life to Live” since 2004, in dayplayer roles such as Gray Grossman, Officer Flynn, and a Security Guard.
  • Cher Santiago makes two more appearances as Luisa, one of Carlotta’s diner waitresses, on April 24th and 27th.

Who’s Going?

  • Talia Sahid will soon make a dramatic exit from Llanview as former “I Wanna Be a Soap Star” competitor BethAnn Bonner departs “One Life to Live.” Bonner, who was recently released from her contract with the sudser, taped her last scenes on March 2nd. A final airdate has not been announced, but will likely be sometime in April.

Who’s Staying?

  • It appears that former “One Tree Hill” alum Brett Claywell will be sticking around Llanview as LPD lab technician Kyle Lewis. ABC SID is reporting that the ex-primetime star, has signed a contract with “One Life to Live.” Claywell made his “OLTL” debut in February.
  • Jack Rovello, who debuted as Matthew’s high school adversary Justin in January, is now listed among the “OLTL” contract cast members in the shows closing credits.

In other news…

  • Don’t expect Thorsten Kaye to be returning to Llanview as Patrick Thorhart, as the actor has reportedly re-signed with “All My Children.” Kaye, who is married to his former “OLTL” co-star Susan Haskell (Marty Saybrooke), portrayed the Irish poet/professor from 1995-1997. Later, he portrayed Patrick’s doctor brother Ian Thorhart on “Port Charles” from 2000-2003.
  • “One Life to Live” has recently released a new audition script for the role of a homeless woman. The scene opens with ‘Anna’ telling the homeless woman that she wishes she were awake so that she could tell Anna just how pretty she is. Much to Anna’s horror, however, the woman is actually awake, and insists that Anna looks like a slut, and will need a dollar to tell her more. The woman then informs Anna that she needs to change her appearance and attitude if she is to win the affections of a man that just broke up with his true love. Anna is taken back and shocked that the bum heard her mumbling to herself. The woman points out that she is not deaf, causing Anna to claim that the other woman was not the love of the man’s life, but that he was too good for her. When Anna insists that she could love him more, the homeless woman fires back that she won’t with that attitude. She informs Anna that to win this guy, she needs to play helpless and tell him that he is her knight in shining armor. The scene then ends with the woman telling Anna to move away from her bench and leave her alone. It’s important to remember that “OLTL” frequently changes character names in their audition scripts, so ‘Anna’ is codename for another character, which, from the tone of the script, sounds somewhat like Stacy. The role of the homeless woman appears to be only a dayplayer role.
  • According to, “OLTL” episodes #10420, #10421, and #10422 (scheduled to air April 23rd, 24th, and 27th), will be directed by longtime “One Life” director Bruce S. Cooperman.
  • “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.