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AMC PreVUE: Week of March 16 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of March 16 Edition

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 5:45 PM EST | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Is a fool for love a fool for pain?


Tori plants seeds of doubt about Aidan’s loyalty in a fragile Annie’s mind. Randi pops the question to Frankie in an effort to keep him from leaving her for Iraq. On Tuesday, March 17, Frankie answer Randi’s question after getting some advice from Brot. Tad has a full house when Opal and Pete move in. Annie tells Aidan that it’s Emma’s birthday but Ryan later informs the unsettled detective that it’s actually Annie’s birthday. Annie becomes frozen in fear when, with Tori’s assistance, she has a memory of a childhood birthday. Jack accuses Erica of wanting Ryan’s shares of Fusion.

The Inside Story: Middle Man
On Monday, Match 16, thinking of his dilemma with Reese, Zach asks an uncomfortable Aidan about how he and Kendall came to the decision that it would be okay to sleep together. Kendall takes off after seeing Zach and Reese together. Later, believing she’s talking to Zach, Reese expresses regret to Aidan for having pushed him away earlier. An exasperated Zach tells Kendall that he didn’t sleep with Reese but lets her know that he wanted to. Kendall insists on going with Ryan to Connecticut after they learn Greenlee’s body may have been found. Pete informs Aidan of the latest developments. Ryan and Kendall can’t bring themselves to look at the body in the morgue after finding Greenlee’s engagement ring in the dead woman’s belongings. Once alone, Aidan looks at the body. Ryan and Kendall find comfort in each other’s arms. Aidan spies Ryan and Kendall in bed together but keeps quiet about the tryst when he later reports in to Zach. Zach remains at Reese’s side as she prepares to undergo surgery. Kendall tells Ryan that she thinks they need each other. Kendall later finds Zach at home with the boys. After viewing the DVD that Greenlee left for him to watch in the event of her death on Thursday, March 19, Ryan heads out to apologize to Kendall for his earlier outburst. Zach re-enters the living room just as Ryan pulls Kendall into a kiss. His suspicions confirmed, Zach tells Kendall that Ryan just slept with her to get even with him and storms off. Facing off with her mother, father, and former fiancé in an odd dream finally brings Reese clarity on her sexual orientation and who she wants a life with, Bianca. Although happy Reese has regained her eyesight, Zach reels over all he’s lost.

A Closer Look: Obsession
Amanda begs Jake to help her with her plan to go away before her due date in order to find a loving family to adopt her baby…and then tell David the child died. Fearful she’ll lose David, Krystal comes up with a more straight-forward plan to keep David away from Amanda’s baby, she asks her husband to have legal papers drawn up stating he’ll never stake claim to Amanda’s child. David remains obsessed with getting Little Adam. Krystal gets a chilly reception when she informs Tad and Amanda of David’s promise. David secures a search warrant for Adam’s mansion and is more determined than ever to bring his grandson back home. Krystal is unsettled by David’s vehemence to get his hands on Little Adam. JR makes a fool of David on Wednesday, March 18, but soon pays the consequences. Angie reveals to Krystal that a hospitalized JR was poisoned by David. Krystal confronts an unapologetic David. David orders Jesse to force Erica to tell him where Adam and Little Adam are on Friday, March 20. Colby plays into David’s hands.

All My Children News and Headlines:


  • Monday: Reese urges Zach to fight for Kendall. Erica tells Kendall she only has herself to blame for her marriage falling apart. David resorts to blackmail to get what he wants.
  • Tuesday: Zach tells Kendall their problems are beyond fixing. Ryan and Kendall are drawn together in their grief. Erica gives JR news about Adam.
  • Wednesday: Erica hopes Zach will fight to save his marriage. Krystal tells David to do whatever it takes to get Little Adam. Opal has an eerie felling about Greenlee.
  • Thursday: Zach squares off with Ryan. Erica pulls a fast one on David. Zach tells Aidan their deal is off.
  • Friday: David’s temper flares at the custody hearing for Little A. Kendall chooses between Ryan and Zach. Reese is determined to win Bianca back.

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