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‘One Life’ February Casting Notes

HOME / News / ‘One Life’ February Casting Notes


‘One Life’ February Casting Notes

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 4:45 PM EST | By Scotty Gore

( — The latest casting tidbits for “One Life to Live.”

Who’s Coming?

  • Musician Rachael Yamagata comes to Llanview on April 2nd, and will perform a song from her album “Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart” at Capricorn.

    The 31-year-old vocal artist began her solo career in 2002, following a stint with the Chicago funk-fusion band “Bumpus.” In 2004, Yamagata released her first album “Happenstance.” Several of her songs, including “Be Be Your Love,” “Jesus Was a Cross Maker,” and “Reason Why” have been featured in episodes of such hit shows as “The O.C.,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Brothers and Sisters,” “Private Practice,” “One Tree Hill,” “Charmed,” and “Nip/Tuck.” Her music has also been featured in the films “Elizabethtown,” “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” and “Hotel for Dogs.” In addition, Yamagata also made a guest appearance on “The O.C.,” during the show’s second season.

    Artists who have been associated with Yamagata include Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore, Jason Mraz, and Chris Holmes. For more information about Rachael Yamagata, visit her official website by clicking here.

  • Jackie Hoffman will portray Eunice, a ticket taker at the Go Red Ball in one or two episodes beginning February 12th. The stand up comedian/Broadway star is a veteran of Chicago’s “The Second City” improv group, and has appeared in several Jewish themed one-woman shows. Among Hoffman’s many acting credits include appearances on “Strangers with Candy,” “Hope and Faith,” “Ed,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “Starved.” Film roles include “Legally Blond 2: Red, White and Blonde,” “A Dirty Shame,” and “Garden State.” Hoffman has also voiced several animated characters including the Water Cooler in “Robots,” Dilmom in “Dilbert,” and ‘Mary Phillips, the Talk Radio host’, in the video game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” On stage, the Joseph Jefferson Award winner has appeared in “Hairspray” and “Xanadu.” Hoffman made her soap debut in a 2007 episode of “As the World Turns,” in which she portrayed a character named Miranda.
  • Shenell Edmonds joins the Llanview teen scene on February 27th as Desitny, Matthew’s new friend in gym class. The role is recurring. Other airdates include March 5th, 6th, 25th, and April 7th.
  • Adam Zuniga appears as a DJ on March 6th. Zuniga has appeared in three other episodes of “OLTL.” In 2007 he appeared as “Musician #3” and later as an “Indie Bassist,” and in 2008 as “Punk #2.” In addition, he also portrayed a Room Service Waiter in a 2008 episode of “All My Children.” And Zuniga co-starred as Mr. Chong/Brainiac in the film “What Happens in Vegas.”
  • “Guiding Light” alum Crystal Hunt debuted as Gigi Morasco’s younger stripper sister Stacy on February 6th.
  • Eric Martin Brown first aired as Stan on February 6th. The character has a connection to Stacy Morasco.

Who’s Returning?

  • Peter Brouwer returns as Asa’s lawyer Beaver Calhoun on February 10th, who is in search of David Vickers.
  • A. Martinez finds his way back to Llanview as Ray Montez on February 20th.

Who’s Going?

  • Justin Paul Kahn exits the role of Wes Granger the week of February 16th, when his bloody corpse is discovered in Llanview. Kahn originated the role of Brody Lovett’s old Navy buddy last fall.
  • Looked for a backburnered actor and actress and their characters to quietly fade into the background and then leave Llanview in the coming months.

Who’s Staying?

  • Dana Sipovich premiered as Becca Salzman, a girl Matthew tries repeatedly to impress, on January 21st.
  • Fourteen-year-old Jack Rovello made his “OLTL” debut as Justin, a boy who causes trouble for Matthew, beginning January 23rd. Rovello has appeared in episodes of “Ed,” “Sex in the City,” and “All My Children.”
  • Michael Easton recently signed a new contract with “OLTL.” While the show is keeping mum on the details, look for Easton to remain in Llanview for the foreseeable future. Easton joined “OLTL” as brooding cop John McBain in 2003.
  • Evan Joiner began playing Cole’s pill pushing friend Asher on January 8th.
  • Syam Lafi portrays the Iraqi Boy in Brody Lovett’s disturbing war visions.

Past Casting News…

  • Kyle Klaus appeared in flashback scenes as a Navy Seal on January 19th.
  • James T. Lane portrayed the James Brown impersonator who wed Moe and Noelle on February 9th.
  • “One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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