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ATWT PreVUE: Week of December 22 Edition

ATWT PreVUE: Week of December 22 Edition

Monday, December 22, 2008 9:21 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Maddie’s return makes Casey and Luke uneasy…


When Craig shows up bearing gifts for her kids, Carly lets him know she’s not in the mood for him. Parker, upon Craig’s arrival, immediately questions him about bombing Paul’s car. Craig quickly tries to smooth Parker over by pleading his innocence. Jack’s arrival sets him off when he sees Craig, which later bothers Janet. Meg and Dusty return with baby Eliza from the hospital and Craig instantly becomes overwhelmed with emotions. He soon calls Dusty out on trying to attach himself to Meg as a way to ‘replace’ Johnny in his life. Upon this, Meg decides that Dusty must leave, somewhat agreeing with what Craig has said.

Alison received a text message from Lucy and quickly meets her at Old Town. There, Lucy explains to Alison that she must have a room at the Lakeview and asks her if she can help her out. She soon admits that Johnny needs to have a bone marrow transplant. Luke goes to the police to see Jade, who is still angry at him for turning her in. Derek soon comes to the station as well, with Jade’s ex-boyfriend, Robby. When Robby holds Jade hostage in an effort to escape, it is Derek that comes to the rescue. Lily and Bonnie want Derek to tell Jade truth but he refuses. Jade later figures things out after confronting Lily about Derek.


When Maddie shows up in hopes of reuniting with Casey, Casey becomes uneasy. Things don’t fair well for Maddie when Alison shows up and she takes her arrival the wrong way. Alone at the hospital, Casey tells Alison that he fears that things could go wrong if he were to get back together with Maddie. Alison advises him to tell Maddie how he feels. When he goes to see Maddie, he admits that he does miss her. The two of them soon plan a date together but Casey once again has reservations when Maddie presses harder to him that they should get back together.

After Luke sees Lucinda and Brian in a cozy moment, Lucinda points out how Luke seems to be warming up to Brian. Luke later heads to hang out with Noah, who gives him a watch for his Christmas gift. When Noah sees Maddie, Luke instantly becomes uneasy about how they still have a close bond with one another. When Noah invites Maddie to the New Year’s Eve party he picks up on Luke’s envy. Noah reassures him that he’s the only one that he wants in his life.

NOTE: As the World Turns will be preempted Thursday, December 25.

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