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ATWT PreVUE: Week of September 22 Edition

ATWT PreVUE: Week of September 22 Edition

Not so dead after all…
Monday, September 22, 2008 11:26 AM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The dirty deeds of James Stenbeck brings back a very familiar face…


When Jack is detained at the police station he calls Carly with the news. As they are talking Jack requests Carly to inform Janet that he will be too busy. When Janet gets the news she is upset and barges in at the station demanding why he couldn’t tell her himself. An argument about Carly happens and Janet soon finds herself at the ex-wife’s door. Holden and Lily continue to grow closer after they bring Ethan home. A tender moment happens between the two and both wind up making love.

Alison and Chris have another close moment which leads into a kiss. Guilty over what she has done, Alison insists on making a baby with Aaron. Later that day she runs into Chris again and accuses him of following her but he asks her what she truly feels for him. Meanwhile Casey has baby ideas of his own when he insists Emily and he make love without protection. Emily quickly shoots the idea down, which makes Casey upset. Emily soon realizes that Casey’s ideas on having a baby together aren’t going to disappear.


Mike and Barbara think that Paul has died in the cave-in but are stunned when he contacts asking about Meg. When Barbara goes to see him, Paul tells her that James must have abducted Meg. When they contact Jack, they all agree to keep her disappearance a secret for now, as not to upset the Snyder family with anymore bad news. Henry is their first person of interest and begin to ask him about what he may know during the time James had him. Henry informs them that Bonnie had a relationship with Derek, who works for James. When they meet up with Bonnie she agrees to help them set up a trap. When Derek arrives at Metro, Paul jumps him and demands to know where James has Meg. He reveals that he took her to a safe house near the east coast. On the beach, James takes Meg to a beach cottage adn tries offering her something to eat. Meg informs James that despite her agreeing to do as he wants doesn’t mean she’s going to hand over her baby to him. When he leaves her alone she instantly tries to escape but falls in pain. James soon finds her and takes her back to the beach house and heads out again to get supplies. Meg soon tries working on the doors and when she opens one she discovers a cage in the room. Peering inside she finds herself looking at Dusty, who is fast asleep.

Back in Oakdale, Paul has a vision of a cottage and contacts Jack about it. Jack instantly brings Carly with him so she can draw what Paul is describing. Paul soon has another vision of swans and Carly says that Meg could be on Swan Island. Dallas soon is given the information. At home Paul comes face-to-face with James and immediately demand he tell him where Meg is. James denies having her. Meanwhile back on the beach, Meg can’t believe that Dusty is alive. Dusty tells her he had to fake his death in order to find Johnny. Dusty asks where he is and Meg says that James has them on the beach somewhere on the east coast. She soon begins working on the lock on the cage when James returns. Meg quickly tells James that she’s hungry after all and he leaves to get food. The minute he’s gone, Meg breaks the lock and gets Dusty out of the cage so they can find a way to escape.

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