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AMC PreVUE: Week of July 14 Edition

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AMC PreVUE: Week of July 14 Edition

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 5:00 PM| By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Honesty is (not) the best policy.


Krystal has misgivings about how Tad is handling Kathy. Carmen visits Krystal looking for pointers on how to handle Mr. Chandler. Angie stands up to Randi’s pimp Fletcher when he comes looking for Randi, who is later brought into the precinct on solicitation charges. Samuel and Erica continue to dance around their growing feelings for each other when he shows up to give her the news that she’s being released early. Frankie offers Randi money in order to spend time with her. Jesse takes care of Fletcher and has him arrested. Erica’s fellow prisoners give her a heartfelt goodbye. Erica’s perfect farewell comes to a screeching halt when Sable pulls a knife on her.

Hide and Seek

Kendall tears into Annie for making Zach look guilty in front of Jesse. Meanwhile, Jesse takes Zach back to the roadside where Richie’s body was found. After coming up with a new theory on how Richie met his demise, Jesse decides to have Richie’s corpse re-examined but gets some surprising news when he calls the morgue. Petey, meanwhile, informs Colby, Dre and Cassandra that he knows it’s human blood on the fender of Colby’s car and that he suspects it belongs to Richie. Adam gets the truth out of Colby and Cassandra. Adam sets a cover up into motion after Colby adamantly refuses to go along with his plan to rat out her friends to save herself. Annie is all nerves as Jesse once again questions her about Richie. Memories of Richie haunt Annie. Zach assures Kendall that he didn’t kill Richie. Once alone, Zach calls Annie and demands she meets him. Zach confronts Annie with her wedding ring. Colby turns to the bottle to deal with the Richie secret. Zach doesn’t buy Annie’s story. Annie begins to hear Richie taunting her and collapses in Zach’s arms. Adam lets Pete know that he will destroy him if he even thinks of implicating his daughter in Richie’s hit and run. Tad and Jesse discuss Richie’s case. Jesse pays Adam a visit after getting some additional forensics evidence.

Total Recall

Ryan’s memories of the last four years come flooding back to him as he frantically tries to get to his unconscious ex-wife. Ryan voices his love to an unconscious Greenlee. Unaware of Ryan’s feelings for her, Greenlee voices her love for Aidan when she comes to at the hospital. Ryan is heartbroken to see Greenlee in Aidan’s arms. Aidan takes Greenlee home from the hospital and they begin to act on their pent up passion. Ryan basks in the memories of being a father to Emma but can’t get Greenlee out of his mind. Ryan tells Annie that his memory has returned but covers when she questions if he remembers loving her. Jake catches Greenlee and Aidan in a private moment. Greenlee convinces a hesitant Jake to stay and be roommates with her and Aidan. Kendall realizes Ryan is in love with Greenlee. Ryan warns Kendall to keep her mouth shut to Greenlee; Kendall later decides to do just that after seeing how happy in love Greenlee is with Aidan. Ryan and Tad discuss destiny. Ryan jumps to the wrong conclusion and briefly believes Greenlee feels the same about him as he feels for her. Annie issues a threat to Greenlee. Ryan is stunned by Annie’s news.


Monday: Ryan gets proof he really is going to be a father again. Adam shares his troubles with Krystal. No one messes with Erica Kane.

Tuesday: Annie gets an earful when she overhears the kids talking about Richie. Frankie gets Randi to open up to him. Ryan can’t bring himself to tell Greenlee how he feels about her.

Wednesday: Tad realizes that Krystal willingly backed up Adam’s latest lie. Erica is back where she belongs. JR wants Zach to form an alliance with him against Adam.

Thursday: A scheming Annie sets a trap for Colby and Cassandra. Randi warns Frankie not to get involved with her. Erica and Samuel get caught in a kiss.

Friday: Kendall drops a bombshell on Greenlee. Erica stirs up trouble between Jack and Samuel. Ryan pulls the plug on Annie’s scheme.

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