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OLTL PreVUE: Week of June 23 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of June 23 Edition

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 1:17 AM| By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Natalie and Jared crash Nash’s funeral, prompting Jessica to damn them to hell.


Tina confesses to Sarah and Cristian that she is the Princess of Mendorra, and that Jonas is trying to steal the crown jewels away from her. Jonas, meanwhile, bumps into Talia and later locates Tina in Angel Square. Thanks to the canine David Vickers, Tina is able to escape Jonas’ reach. Natalie and Jared find Tina’s dog and decide to take him home with them. Talia lures Sarah into a trap and tricks Antonio and Cristian into coming to the diner. Cristian confesses to Antonio, and takes him to the studio to interview Tina. Concerned when Talia and Sarah are nowhere to be found, Cristian and Antonio receive a call from Jonas saying he has both women.

The Main Event: The Stages of Grief

Viki provides Jessica with a shoulder to lean on as the day of Nash’s funeral arrives. Jared and Natalie understand they are now the black sheep of the Buchanan family. Jessica fumes with anger when Clint announces that he and Bo will not be pressing charges against Jared due to their deal with Natalie. As Jessica’s family and friends begin to assemble, Nash’s funeral ceremony gets under way. Viki, speaking from her own past experiences, assures her daughter that she will get through this. An unwelcome Natalie and Jared ease drop on the service. While Jessica is speaking, Roxy accidentally lets it slip that Jared and Natalie are in attendance. In front of her loved ones, Jessica publicly condemns Jared and Natalie by claiming they have Nash’s blood on their hands. After the funeral, Jessica becomes overwhelmed with emotion when she returns to the cottage for the first time since Nash’s death. Feeling tremendous guilt, Jared and Natalie confide in one another. Clint and Nora find solace in one another’s arms. Jessica’s mourning for Nash reawakens her dark side.

John visits Blair, who is unaware that Starr plans to give her baby up for adoption. Starr asks John for help convincing Cole that adoption is their best option. Blair and John realize Starr and Cole have a difficult decision to make. Blair is floored when Todd’s lawyer serves her with divorce papers, even though she realizes their marriage has been over for a while now. Todd’s lies continue to mount as he tells Marty that, after the accident, John left her to die and is responsible for her present condition. John arrives at Todd’s doorstep. Marcie, claiming that it would be impossible, tests Michael’s reaction to the thought of adopting Starr’s baby. Meanwhile, Starr won’t let go of the idea of Marcie adopting her unborn child. Cole checks with Nora to determine if he has any rights to the child and announces his intent to sue Starr for custody. Todd dodges John’s questions about the x-rays. John uses his wits to gain entry into Todd’s home after Todd leaves for Nash’s funeral, and searches the premises. After Keys prevents him from discovering Marty, John interrogates a panicky Janet. Marcie is vague when she tells Gigi she might be able to adopt a baby.

Around Town:

Viki and Charlie are miserable and lonely. RJ writes Lindsay a note stating that he will keep her secrets. However, Lindsay panics when Bo accidentally delivers the note to Nora. Nigel and Nora become obstacles in Lindsay’s plan to retrieve the note. Bo shocks Lindsay by asking her to marry him. As she answers his proposal, Lindsay contemplates coming clean to Bo. Dorian’s plan to have Addie re-committed to St. Ann’s leaves her with egg on her face. Rex’s icy behavior toward her depresses Roxy. Rex introduces himself to Brody, who is enjoying pretending to be Shane’s biological father.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF June 30, 2008

Monday: Tess plots her revenge against Natalie and Jared. Dorian receives a spiritual visit from late husband Mel Hayes. Tina tries to cut a deal with Jonas.

Tuesday: Tess taunts and tortures Natalie and Jared. Madam Delphina presents the Cramer women with several interesting predictions. Marty quizzes Todd about her past life.

Wednesday: Marty is presented with Todd’s view of the truth. Charlie sets out to find out what, or whom, is responsible for his blackout. Cole and Starr attempt to reconcile.

Thursday: While being held in a dungeon, Sarah and Talia receive a surprise visitor. Will history repeat itself at Bo and Lindsay’s wedding? Princess Tina of Mendorra is reunited with her Prince, who is a familiar face to many in Llanview.

Friday: Encore Presentation of May 9th, 2008 episode, in which Snoop Dogg performs at Adriana’s bachelor party. John and Blair search the boardwalk for Starr and Cole. On the verge of getting an abortion, Langston confesses to Dorian that Starr, and not her, is the one who is pregnant. David spies Natalie lip locking with “Uncle Jared.”

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