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GH PreVUE: Week of June 2 Edition

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GH PreVUE: Week of June 2 Edition

Sunday, June 1, 2008 3:45 PM | By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Relinquishing the power one holds could land others in more danger than ever anticipated.


The Zacchara’s are homeless now that Jason has burned down their mansion, so the family is forced to take shelter at the MetroCourt Hotel run by Jax and Carly Jacks. While Jax wants them out of his hotel, Carly informs him that the Zacchara’s are more than welcome to stay in her hotel. Edward and Tracy are appalled when they catch Johnny and Lulu in bed together at the mansion. Anthony Zacchara takes his time in plotting his revenge on Jason. Claudia and Nikolas grow closer as the kisses get hotter and a growing family war is set off. Carly warns Lulu to stay away from Claudia. Lulu warns Nikolas to stay away from Claudia. Johnny warns Claudia to stay away from Nikolas. Claudia warns Lulu to stay away from Johnny.

The Inside Story: The Mob Life Hits Close to Home

Now that Sonny has relinquished his power to Jason, he finds that life is different for a man on the up and up. Kate admits to Sonny that she loves him so much that it scares her. Ric admits to Sonny that now that Jason has taken action against the Zacchara’s, his family could be in more danger than ever before. Jason makes it clear to Sonny that he is in charge now. When Kate has problems with one of Crimson’s main distributors, Sonny intervenes and he and Kate fight over his butting his nose in her business. Sonny faces the realities of being ‘out’ of the business.

A Closer Look: Advice for Spinelli

Everyone in town has decided to give Spinelli pointers on how to win a girl’s heart starting with Sam. Patrick offers Spinelli a job, while Robin suspects Spinelli is sabotaging her blog on Patrick’s orders and questions Maxie. Spinelli tries to pick up a girl at Jake’s but things don’t go as planned. Diane inadvertently gives Spinelli some bad advice, which he acts on when he sees Maxie. Sonny once again takes his anger out on Spinelli, who finds an understanding Leyla appealing.

What to Watch

  • Robin is disturbed by the bad reception her blog is receiving.
  • Lulu accuses Tracy of using her anger over Luke’s disappearance on her.
  • Jax is furious with Carly when she refuses to distance herself from Jason and his ties to the mob.
  • Nikolas visits Emily’s grave for the first time since her funeral.
  • Monica admits to Jason that she wishes things could be different and that he never got himself involved with Sonny.
  • Jax and Carly make up and discuss baby plans just before making love.


  • Monday: Sonny finds life hard without ‘the life;’ Claudia has a proposition for Maxie; Spinelli is stuck in an unexpected situation.
  • Tuesday: Sonny questions his decisions; Alexis once again asks Sonny to relinquish his parental rights to Kristina; Spinelli inspires Leyla.
  • Wednesday: Carly has revenge on her mind when it comes to Kate; Luke contacts Sam; Robin shares her fears with Elizabeth.
  • Thursday: Claudia has a warning for Lulu; Jax helps Spinelli change his look; Lucky and Sam land in Mexico while searching for Luke.

  • Friday: Jerry has a new game to play with Claudia; Sonny thinks Carly won’t keep him from his sons forever; Robin is rushed to the hospital.

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