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AMC PreVUE: Week of June 16 Edition

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AMC PreVUE: Week of June 16 Edition

By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — War and peace.



Jack and Samuel go to the prison to watch Erica’s new show. Sparks fly as Erica interviews Samuel again. Kendall and JR begin to mend fences. Tad offers to turn the business over to Aidan. Tad seems happier than he’s ever been now that Kathy is in his life. Adam learns that JR planted the damaging stories about him in the press but decides not to confront JR just yet. Erica promises to lend Carmen a helping hand after Jack gives Ms. Morales some good news. Ryan gets some bad news from Jake.

The Facts of Greenlee’s Life

Greenlee finds Annie waiting for her in her apartment. Annie tells Greenlee in no uncertain terms to stay away Ryan. After returning home, Annie admits her insecurities to Ryan who in turn whisks his wife into his arms and carries her to their bedroom. Greenlee and Kendall talk. Greenlee isn’t ready to completely forgive Kendall but the two women make some headway. Greenlee can’t stop herself from feeling jealous when Ryan jumps to Annie’s defense and later admits it to Zach. Aidan realizes Greenlee slept with Josh. Although unable to forgive what he did, Greenlee tells Aidan she would like to be friends but he wants more and kisses her passionately. Jack’s suggestion catches Greenlee by surprise. Greenlee runs into Ryan at the marina.

The Evidence Against Mr. Novak

JR fills Zach in on what Richie did to him. Zach remembers Richie mowing him down with his car and then sealing him and Greenlee in the bunker. A lethal Zach threatens to kill Richie as he forces a confession out of him. The walls close in further on Richie after Treena gives her statement to the cops and Angie gets the go ahead to draw Richie’s DNA to prove he stole JR’s bone marrow. Zach informs Greenlee that Richie is the one who trapped them in the bunker. Zach and Greenlee take off after hearing that the DNA tests have incriminated Richie and he’s being arrested as they speak. Everybody involved gathers at the hospital, where Richie refuses to let them see him sweat. Richie informs Annie that she’s putting up his bail or he’ll inform Ryan of her duplicity. Annie and Richie strike a deal. Zach is Richie’s worst nightmare. Kendall mistakenly believes she’s succeeded in talking Zach out of getting revenge on Richie.

No Justice For Jesse

Angie refuses to even consider letting Jesse rejoin the police force. Jesse tries to make Angie see things from his point of view but she remains unrelenting and storms off. Jesse seeks advice from Tad, while Angie confides in Krystal. Angie remains resolute. Angie is thrilled when Jesse tells her he’s accepted the position of Professor of Criminology at Pine Valley University. Frankie and Cassandra have their doubts that Jesse will be happy in the classroom.

The Love-Sick Doctor Hubbard

Frankie is determined to help Randi. Jake and Frankie bond over wanting to right the injustices in the world but Jake informs his pal that he can’t help somebody who doesn’t want it. Frankie shows up at the law office where Randi works and invites her out for coffee. Frankie tries to help Randi, who wishes the doctor would just mind his business. Randi is accosted by a man on the pier. Frankie tends to a badly beaten Randi.


Monday: Zach roughs up Richie, who denies any wrongdoing. Angie and Jesse take note of Frankie’s interest in Randi. Annie suspects a missing Greenlee is with Ryan.

Tuesday: Aidan knows that he and Greenlee are more than just friends. Tad convinces Jake to stay in town. Erica blackmails Adam into hiring Carmen.

Wednesday: Greenlee tries to convince Jake to move in with her. Opal has an ominous warning for Richie. Randi comes clean with Frankie.

Thursday: Annie reminds Richie of the deal they made. Erica’s new cellmate could spell trouble. Zach and Ryan plot to take care of Richie once and for all.

Friday: Richie is closer than the Fusion women realize. Zach grows suspicious of Annie. Erica and Samuel find themselves in close quarters.

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