OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 5 Edition

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By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A con man targets his next victim.

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Blair blames Todd for Starr running away with Cole, and urges him to take responsibility for his actions. Langston and Markko find themselves in hot water with Dorian as they cover for Starr by claiming that Langston is the one who is pregnant. As Dorian lashes out at Markko, Langston quickly reminds her of what it takes to be a Cramer woman. Starr and Cole are honest with one another as they discuss their night of passion. John infoms Antonio and Talia that he is leaving Llanview in search of Starr and Cole. As the two teen lovebirds settle into their new lives, Starr is impressed by Cole’s get up and go attitude as they search for summer jobs. John provides Blair with moral support, and work together to figure out where Starr and Cole have gone. Todd, meanwhile, confronts Langston and Markko demanding to know where Starr and Cole ran away to. Langston’s attempts to calm Todd’s down are shortlived when he locates Markko’s pre-paid cell phone in his backpack. Afterward, he call the cell phone and demands to speak with his daughter. While tempted by Todd’s offer to come home, Starr realizes that her father would die if he knew she were pregnant. Todd receives a tip as to Starr and Cole’s location. Dorian’s annoucement shocks Langston. As John and Blair search the boardwalk, they are unaware of just how close Starr and Cole really are. Langston is beside herself when Dorian takes her to the doctor for an abortion.

Charlie begins to suspect that Rex is having second thoughts about marrying Adriana. Gigi confesses her feelings for Rex to Viki. Adriana attempts to persuade Brody to reunite with Gigi and Shane. Adriana’s jaw drops when Brody tells her that Rex is Shane’s father. Refusing to abandon her plan, and knowing that Gigi would never do anything to tarnish Shane’s image of his father the war hero, Adriana tries to reward Brody with money if he pretends to be Shane’s father. Rex and Gigi continue to dance around their feelings. Meanwhile, Adriana finds the two together, and invites Gigi to her bachelorette party at UV, and apologizes to Rex for her behavior. Dorian becomes worried about Adriana’s zealousness about getting Gigi and Brody back together. Gigi confesses to Marcie that she’s still in love with Rex. In a drunken stuper,
Rex crashes the bachelorette party looking for Gigi and does an impromptu striptease. Snoop Dogg performs at Adriana’s Ultra Violet bachelorette party. While still drunk, Rex seeks advice from Bo. Shane is thrilled to find a picture of his “father” Brody, who has conflicting feelings about reuniting with Gigi and Shane.


Natalie loses the battle with her feelings and tells Jared that she loves him. Agreeing not to think about the future, Natalie and Jared make love for the first time. Later, after waking up happily in one another’s arms, Jared decides he will come clean once they return to Llanview. Natalie’s happiness is short lived when Jared tells her that Charlie is his father. Natalie believes that Viki needs to know the truth, but can’t bear to destroy her mother’s happiness. Jared and Natalie stop by the Bonjour Cafe, where David Vickers just happens to be working. David recalls the nightmare that led him to seek employment at the local greasy spoon. Natalie and Jared’s arrival peaks David’s curiosity. After overhearing Jared saying that he is not really a Buchanan, David believes he has found his latest meal ticket; all the while unaware
that he is the true Buchanan heir.


– Antonio and Talia quickly make up for lost time.

– Antonio, John, and Talia kick their plan to destroy Ramsey into second gear.

– Antonio continues to make Ramsey believe he is a corrupt cop and wants a piece of whatever side action Ramsey is involved with.

– Cristian spots Antonio and Talia together and warns them they are planning their plan in jeopardy by being together.

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Monday: Rex wrestles with his feelings for Gigi; Todd, Blair, and John are hot on Starr and Cole’s trail; Langston is forced to tell Dorian the truth.

Tuesday: Adriana orders Brody to follow through with his end of the bargin; David pays Viki a surprise visit; Jared and Natalie finds themselves in over their heads.

Wednesday: John is one step ahead of Todd; David places Natalie and Jared on the hot seat; Dorian takes action on her daughter’s wedding day.

Thursday: Adriana fears the worst when Rex is absent from his own wedding; Starr and Cole bump into Todd; John realizes that Starr is pregnant.

Friday: Gigi says her peace as the wedding gets underway; Blair orders Todd to stay away from Starr; Jared fights back when David threatens to blackmail him.

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