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AMC PreVUE: Week of June 2 Edition

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AMC PreVUE: Week of June 2 Edition

By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Lingering effects.



Friends and family gather to celebrate Spike’s birthday but thoughts of Tad and Julia weigh heavily on everyone’s mind. Erica is frustrated that she can’t be there for her family. Tad learns of Julia’s death. After hearing JR talk about Richie, Babe calls Amanda to put her plan in motion. JR gives Adam his word that he’s not trying to steal Chandler Enterprises away from him after word of the elder Chandler’s institutionalization leaks. Treena introduces Babe to her pimp. Babe quickly finds herself in over her head.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Despite heavy resistance, Adam is determined to do the right thing. Krystal thinks Adam has lost his mind when he orders Babe and JR to bring Kathy to the hospital. Tad is ready to go into the light and be with Dixie forever. Dixie tells Tad that he needs to go on living for the sake of both of his daughter and disappears as Adam arrives in Tad’s room. Adam’s admission brings Tad back to life. Tad absorbs the revelation that Kathy is really Kate as word spreads across the hospital. Krystal realizes Adam has known the truth about Kate for quite awhile and is disgusted that he deliberately kept Tad away from his daughter. JR disowns Adam…again. Looking for validation that he isn’t an evil man, Adam turns to Erica. Later, an unapologetic Adam arrives at Tad’s room where he proceeds to justify his actions. Tad thanks Adam for telling him the truth about Kate and the two men shake hands. Tad challenges Krystal to be honest about her feeling for Adam.

Home Wreckonomics

Ryan and a newly single Greenlee’s closeness irks Annie. Ryan can’t force himself to muster up feelings for Annie, who feels like an outsider at Spike’s birthday party. Greenlee agrees to talk to Aidan but remains unforgiving. Aidan theorizes that Greenlee is sabotaging her own happiness because she has never really gotten over Ryan. After giving Aidan back his engagement ring, Greenlee surprises Ryan on the beach. Ryan admits to Greenlee that he isn’t sure that he ever really loved Annie. Greenlee covers her hurt when Ryan asserts that he isn’t the man for her. A determined Annie visits a fertility doctor. Greenlee puts forth a successful effort to push Kendall’s insecurities to the surface as she makes implications about her and Zach’s special bond. Greenlee doesn’t return home alone after she and Jake drown their sorrows at ConFusion.


Monday: Aidan tells Greenlee that he still loves her. Zach wants answers from Kendall. JR comes to Babe’s rescue.

Tuesday: Zach is pleased by the changes he sees in Greenlee. Angie hopes Jesse doesn’t become Pine Valley’s new Chief of Police. Erica’s blood boils when she learns she’s been booted off New Beginnings.

Wednesday: Greenlee fuels Kendall’s insecurities about Zach. Tad tells Kate that he is her father. Adam tries to convince Krystal that he’s a changed man.

Thursday: Dixie takes Tad on a magical journey. JR puts the screws to Richie. Erica proves that nothing can keep her down.

Friday: Babe is shocked by the extent of Richie’s crimes. Annie is fed up with Greenlee’s attachment to Ryan. Kendall believes Greenlee is out for revenge.

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