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OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 14 Edition

By Scotty Gore
A young girl’s heart wrenching decision.
Wednesday, April 9, 2008 2:47 PM | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Why must I be a teenager in love…. and pregnant?


Langston uncovers Starr’s pamphlet on abortion and wonders if her friend is seriously considering it. Cole accuses Todd of attempting to ruin Starr’s life. Todd boils with anger as Cole tells him that he would never hurt Starr the way that Todd hurt Marty. As Starr overhears Todd threaten Cole with jail time, she realizes what she needs to do. Starrs asks Langston for her help in her quest to terminate her pregnancy. Starr informs Langston that they will switch places in order for Starr to sneak out of the house without Shaun following her. Later, after putting their dangerous plan into motion, Starr dodges a few close calls but successfully manages to sneak out of the house. Cole and Markko encounter Langston at school dressed as Starr and demand to know what is going on. Cole confronts Langston, who points him in the right direction. Starr nearly has a nervous breakdown as she prepares to follow through with her plan.

Once more Gigi’s attempt at telling Rex the truth about Shane is interrupted following a visit from Adriana. Once Rex leaves, Adriana makes subtle threats to Gigi. Layla tells Dorian that she has noticed changes in Adriana. Dorian sets out to find more information on Brody Lovett. Rex and Adriana make love, and afterwards he learns that Adriana doesn’t plan to ask Marcie to be a part of the wedding. Gigi is affected by Shane’s closeness to Charlie, who she believes to be her son’s grandfather. A frigid Adriana mistakenly believes that Gigi summoned Rex to BE, prompting Rex to explain to her that it was actually Clint who had contacted him. Dorian informs Adriana that Brody Lovett was from Joplin, Missouri. Adriana refuses to rest until she uncovers the truth, and is enraged to learn that Rex has invited Gigi and Shane to the wedding. Seeming to become more and more like her mother every day, Adriana orders Dorian and Layla to go to Missouri to find out what Gigi is hiding. Gigi, meanwhile, continues to receive warnings from Adriana to stay away from her man.


After finding his two friends in a motel room together, Antonio and John have it out. Later, back at the station Ramsey admits to Antonio that he set him up to find John and Talia together in order to show him the type of man John McBain really is. Both John and Talia suffer the consequences of their ‘affair’ as news spreads around Llanview. At the Diner, John and Cristian nearly come to blows. Bo tells John how disappointed he is in him. Ramsey makes it clear to Antonio that he wants John thrown off the force. Jessica and Antonio share a touching moment. Natalie demands answers from John. Talia and Jessica have a bitchy confrontation. Natalie has a difficult time believing that John would sleep with Talia behind Antonio’s back, and believes there is more to the story. John talks Talia into joining him at Capricorn. Jared isn’t too happy to see John and Natalie together, and admits his jealousy to Natalie. Antonio asks Jessica if she can really trust Nash. Cristian continues to be troubled by Sarah’s closeness to Nash. Charlie is filled with guilt as Viki tells him that he could never be as sneaky or underhanded as Clint. Nash and Sarah bump into each other half naked. Jessica and Cristian work to convince themselves that they have nothing to worry about. Nash believes he and Sarah make a perfect team. Jared refuses to give up on the woman he loves, while Natalie continues to fight her feelings for him.
Charlie worries that he will lose Viki if he confesses the truth.


– John informs Natalie that Allison may never emerge from her coma.

-The friction increases between Marcie and Michael.

– Clint defends his actions when Nora confronts him with Todd’s article in The Sun.

– Clint hires Rex to search for dirt on Calvin Jenkins when Lindsay’s file proves useless to him.

– After chatting with Lindsay, Dorian once more contacts Calvin Jenkins.

– Todd presents Ramsey with notorized statements from himself and Gigi outlining Ramsey’s misdeeds.

– Jared bubbles when Natalie agrees to have a drink with Miles.

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Monday: Cole and Starr have an emotion and heartfelt reunion; Gigi denies Adriana’s accusations; Jared’s jealousy grows when he sees Natalie with Miles.

Tuesday: Cristian springs to his feet when John kisses Talia; Adriana is furious when Rex rushes to Gigi’s aid; Dorian and Layla uncover one of Gigi’s secrets.

Wednesday: Todd has a proposition for Starr regarding Cole; John and Talia work to uncover Ramsey’s tie to Caitlin; Antonio fumes when John plans to press charges against Cristian.

Thursday: Dorian refuses to back down from her attack on BE; Michael delivers heartbreaking news to Antonio concerning Jamie; Gigi tells Rex that she doesn’t need his help.

Friday: Dorian and Layla come face-to-face with Brody Lovett; Clint reminds Bo that they must get their hands dirty in order to protect BE; Cole wants Starr to run away with him.

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