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GL PreVUE: Week of April 28 Edition

By Venus Stone-Cutter
Unresolved feelings…
Sunday, April 27, 2008 8:39 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The women of Springfield are plagued by problems with the men in their lives…


Frank has a confrontation with Sheila, the woman that set him up. Mallet informs Dinah that he’s going to find out who she paid to have Frank lose his job. Natalia and Rafe go to the trial of the man who hit Gus. While Natalia offers up forgiveness to Randy, the man who is on trial, Rafe threatens him and is hauled off by the police. Olivia tells Natalia she needs something to tie the bond she had with Gus; pointing that Natalia’ wedding ring is what she wants. Reva learns Hawk sold her life story to be made into a movie.


Cassie and Josh continue to hit a snag in their relationship because of her cheating on him. Harley continues to waver on what she truly wants regarding Cyrus. Josh approaches Harley with the job of spying on Cassie, which she initially refuses to accept. She changes her mind, however, when she learns she’s maxed out on her credit cards. Josh, later asks Cyrus to keep his eyes out on Cassie.

Lizzie keeps Remy on her payroll to keep Ava out of Bill’s sight. When Ava learns that Bill will be working with Spaulding, she immediatetly takes steps to be his assistant, which irks Lizzie. Lizzie reminds Remy that his job is to get Ava to forget all about Bill. Beth, on the other hand, is pleased to be back in the Spaulding mansion and once again finds herself drawing closer to Alan.

Mallet, fed up with Dinah’s schemes, prepares to confront her, but immediately gets side-tracked when he sees Marina. Offering to take her out for a bite to eat, they are unaware that Dinah is watching them, obviously ticked at their closeness. When Marina sees Matt and Dinah together, she and Mallet follow them. Dinah uses Matt, while Mallet uses Marina, to make the other jealous. As Dinah apologizes to Matt for her actions, Marina on the other hand locks lips with Mallet.

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