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ATWT PreVUE: Week of April 28 Edition

By Venus Stone-Cutter
Happiness and hearaches…
Sunday, April 27, 2008 8:25 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The Snyder brood are put through trials and tribulations…


Alison becomes sick during her first day of nursing school. When Chris comforts her, a nurse assumes something else going on between them. Casey and Margo go another round with each other regarding Emily, who hires him back at the paper. Alison and Chris have a tense dinner with Bob and Kim. Sophie makes her move on Paul and as the two are about to make-love, Meg walks in on them. Mike later convinces an upset Meg to take out a restraining order out on Paul, and the two of them soon get closer, while Paul and Sophie finally give in to passion.


Luke wants to move in with Noah and Ameera. Ameera reluctantly gives the bedroom for the two guys to share. The minute Luke and Noah fall into closeness with one another, Ameera makes things uncomfortable for Luke, who decides maybe he made a mistake. An upset Noah says he wants the marriage to be over and done with immediately

Brad is stunned when Liberty tells him that he is her father. When he has doubts, she gives him a photograph of her mother to jog his memory. A skeptical Katie asks Liberty if she’s willing to take a paternity test. Liberty, unfazed by Katie, says she’s willing to do that immediately. After the tests are done, they are informed the results won’t be ready for two weeks. Brad and Katie offer up their home for Liberty to stay at with them while they await the results.

Parker, upset at the continuous distance between Jack and Carly, tells his mother it’s time for the two of them to stop the arguing. Carly later tells Holden that she doesn’t believe that she and Jack will ever get back together. Holden comes to Carly’s rescue later when her car won’t start. The two talk about her plans to send Sage to camp for the summer. Holden and Carly later head out together on the road to take a look at the camp.

Pictured: Maura West courtesy CBS

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