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GL PreVUE: Week of March 31 Edition

GL PreVUE: Week of March 31 Edition

Springfield mourns the loss of a loved one…
Sunday, March 30, 2008 5:59 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The loss of a life saves another’s…


Dinah makes plans to buy the Spaulding mansion and woo Mallet. Vanessa continues to get phone calls from her stalker, not knowing that Cyrus is the one behind the scenes. Harley is immediately asked to look into the matter. Marina learns of Cyrus’s scheme and blackmails him into taking her out for her continued silence. Lizzie learns that Spaulding belongings are being auctioned off. When she runs into Ava, she gloats that she is moving in with Bill. Mallet becomes uneasy when he learns that Dinah bought the mansion.


Natalia and Harley rush to the hospital after receiving the news about Gus. As the doctors try to stabalize him, Jeffrey encourages him to hold on. When Olivia learns that Gus is there, she visits him. He tells her that he was racing to the hospital to be by her side. Natalia is forced with the decision to give her consent to have Gus operated on. Harley tries her best to comfort Nat. Before surgery, Gus and Harley talk, where he offers his apologies for not finishing her home. Harley tells Gus he’ll always be the love of her life and that he’s a fighter. Gus slowly succumbs to his injuries. Rafe is devastated by the news of Gus and falls apart. Rick approaches Natalia with the suggestion to donate Gus’s organs. A weak Olivia asks Jeffrey about Gus, but he doesn’t have the heart to tell her the truth. Cyrus finds himself on the outside looking in when Harley turns to Buzz for support.

Natalia refuses to make the decision to give Oliva Gus’s heart but soon feels guilt when she seems Emma. Harley give Natalia encouraging words about Gus to hold on to. When Alan tries to offer his support, Natalia lashes out at him. Natalia prepares to visit Olivia at the hospital. The Coopers are all at Harley to help paint her home when Rafe and Natalia show up to help what Gus originally started. Harley takes it upon herself to organize a huge funeral but Josh reminds her that Natalia may not want this for her husband. When word gets out that the transplant was a success, Natalia goes to see Olivia. Reva learns the news of Jeffrey and Olivia’s marriage. Olivia learns the news of Gus’s death and is stunned that the heart that saved her life was his.

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