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ATWT PreVUE: Week of March 31 Edition

By Venus Stone-Cutter
The return of one’s former love…
Monday, March 31, 2008 12:39 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Farewells, proposals, and a familiar face all hit the city of Oakdale…


Luke, not wanting to see Ameera be scrutinized about her relationship with Casey, he opts to tell the INS Agent that he’s Casey’s boyfriend. Emily sees red when she spots Chris and Allison having a bonding moment. When Emily trash talks Chris to Allison, Allison goes against Emily’s warnings by asking him to come to Will and Gwen’s farewell party. Chris makes amends with Wil and Gwen, as Sophie has a hard time saying good-bye to Hallie. After hearing about Noah and Ameera’s situation with the INS Agent, Gwen tells them that they can move into the cottage.

Emma stuns Lily and Holden by telling them that she wants to sell the farm. Emma’s hopes in giving the farm to Lucinda are dashed when Meg tells her that Paul is the owner of Worldwide. Paul does his homework in preparing to make an offer to Emma. Holden thinks Paul’s doing it to get back into Meg’s life. When Paul arrives to talk to Emma about the farm, she tells him that someone else offered her a hefty price for the property. Meg and Emma are stunned to see that the person interested in buying the property is Mike Kasnoff.


Brad tells Katie that she needs to make her decision on where she is at regarding her feelings for Jack. When Katie meets Jack, hoping he’ll tell her how he feels about her, he disappoints her and tells her that he doesn’t think it’s fair for her to keep holding out for him to come to her. Carly wants to have another chance with Jack, but Jack doesn’t have the same thoughts in mind, telling her that they wouldn’t work out again. After some talks of the old times, Jack and Carly find themselves in a liplock. Carly immediately thinks there is a sign for them, but Jack reminds her again that their kiss was just that a kiss and nothing more. Brad and Katie find themselves together at the movie theater and later find themselves back at her place kissing. When Katie wakes up to find Brad there, she becomes upset. Brad, trying to profess his love again, winds up chasing after Katie on bikes. Once alone with her, he pops the question, but both are arrested before she can give him her answer. Margo, who learns of their arrest, lets them off and later learns that Katie was proposed to. Vienna gives Brad advice to go all out for Katie, while Henry give out advice for him to give Katie her space to make her own choice. Once alone, Brad videotapes a special message for Katie in an effort to get her to see that the belong together.

Pictured: Austin Peck courtesy CBS

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