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GH PreVUE: Week of February 18 Edition

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GH PreVUE: Week of February 18 Edition

Is Logan Really the Text Message Killer?
Friday, February 15, 2008 10:00 PM | By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The Buildup is worth the wait.


After an embarrassing visit with Sonny, Claudia finds a bloody and unconscious Kate on the docks after she was shot by Michael’s gun. Claudia walks away before Kate is found by a devastated Sonny. Remembering his father’s previous warnings, Michael goes on the run. Sonny shares words with Jason about how business effects their family lives. Carly tells Jason that she is pregnant but her mood changes when Jason brings up the night of Sam’s accident. Carly panics when she learns that Michael is missing. Jax tries to calm his wife down.

Ric and Marianna grow closer, but Marianna’s guilt could destroy them. Jerry calls Ric to inform him of Kristina’s breakdown. Ric finds Marianna at the mercy of an abusive Randy. Marianna reveals her citizenship status to Ric. Elizabeth tends to a battered Marianna at the request of Ric, who wishes Elizabeth could see how much he’s changed for the better.


Lulu questions a guilty looking Logan about the Text Message murders. Logan proclaims his innocence by admitting that he tried to frame Johnny for the murders in order to prevent Lulu and Johnny from growing closer. Fearing for her life, Lulu knocks Logan out and screams for help just as Johnny kicks down the door looking to save her. Once again, Port Charles citizens, including Scott Baldwin (Logan’s father), believe that the Text Message killings will cease when it is “revealed” that Logan is the killer. Patrick frantically works to save Logan’s life. Maxie has it out with Lulu after learning of Logan’s possible involvement in Georgie’s murder. Maxie makes it clear she wants Logan dead. Lulu tells Johnny that she doesn’t think Logan is the Text Message Killer. Maxie enters Logan’s hospital room with vengeance on her mind. Maxie is able to stop herself from doing the unthinkable thanks to memories of Coop. Johnny and Lulu get intimate.


– Ian clashes with Robin and Patrick over Nikolas’ medical case.

– Nadine urges Nikolas to get his vision of Emily to tell him more of the night she died.

– Jim Palmer portrays the role of Randy. READ MORE

– Claire Coffee, who portrays Nurse Nadine Crowell, has been offered a contract. READ MORE


Monday: Sonny holds Johnny hostage; The Text Message Killer reveals himself to Sam; Ric has a warning for Trevor.

Tuesday: The Text Message Killer holds Sam hostage; Robin’s emotions get the better of her; Claudia pays Kate a visit in the hospital.

Wednesday: Claudia warns Jason of the consequences if Sonny hurts Johnny; Sonny questions Trevor; Emily gets Nikolas to remember the night of her murder.

Thursday: Maxie and Spinelli get closer to the killer; Elizabeth and Sam’s lives are in danger; Sonny and Kate see eye-to-eye.

Friday: Robin and Patrick have a heart-to-heart after a tragic event; Lucky’s life hangs in the balance; Claudia reveals a secret to Kate.

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