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GH PreVUE: Week of February 11 Edition

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GH PreVUE: Week of February 11 Edition

As Time Goes On, We Get Closer
Friday, February 8, 2008 7:30 PM | By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — While most of Port Charles thinks the Text Message Killer died with Coop, others remain unconvinced and work to unravel the mystery of who the killer really is.


Trevor puts the pressure on Marianna to steal the deed to Alcazar’s piers from Ric. Marianna feels she has no other choice but to betray Ric after Trevor threatens to end her life. Luke goes to Sonny when he is interested in a new career path, but Sonny informs him that he won’t allow himself to put Luke’s life in danger. After her meeting with the five families and a face-off with Sonny, Claudia hopes Luke can tell her more about Mr. Corinthos, but is disappointed after Luke gives her fair warning about messing with the mafioso’s family.

Convinced that Elizabeth is innocent, Jason is determined to find out who ran Sam down when he questions Monica and Carly. Carly confides in Jason about her fears of the Text Message Killer as Michael eavesdrops. Michael’s poor judgment places Morgan’s life in jeopardy.


The Text Message Killer approaches Sam in her hospital room and leaves her with a frightening taunt. The killer sets his/her sights on Alexis as their next target. Hoping to unmask the Text Message Killer, Spinelli and Maxie hold a stakeout where Spinelli feels a little too close for comfort to Maxie. Alexis defends Jerry from Diane after Diane feels that Jerry is still a danger to Port Charles. Lucky informs Alexis, Scotty and Mac of Sam’s claims that the killer is still alive and led to her being run-over. Diane drops by the lake house to be a friend to Alexis, but Alexis senses that something is wrong outside. Taking action, Diane ends up hitting Mayor Floyd over the head just as Kristina finds herself in the presence of the Text Message Killer through the window. As a result, a traumatized Kristina shuts down. Lucky and his team are unable to find any trace of an intruder, but Alexis and Diane are convinced the killer was outside.


– Robin breaks down in Mac’s arms when she becomes convinced that Patrick will not be the man she wants him to be.

– In a nod to their history, Steve Burton (Jason) and Sarah Brown (Claudia; ex-Carly) share a game of pool on Valentine’s day.

– No fighting ladies! Robin and Carly learn about each other’s respective pregnancies.

– Elizabeth reunites with Cameron and Jake, but she’s more certain than ever that she ran Sam down, even though Nikolas thinks it was him.

– “GH” will tackle the issue of how heart disease effects women with a more practical approach as a noteworthy member of the General Hospital staff suffers a heart attack. READ MORE

– On the February 14 episode of “General Hospital,” Spinelli and Maxie will be involved in a film noir fantasy, which was shot entirely in black and white, a la “Casablanca.” READ MORE


Monday: Lulu confronts Logan over his lies; Claudia puts a plan in motion; Sonny discovers a lifeless body.

Tuesday: Sonny is out for blood when he comes across Dear, Johnny; Marianna puts her life in danger; Nikolas remembers the night Emily was killed.

Wednesday: Marianna pledges herself to Ric; Maxie is out for justice; Luke and Tracy figure out the truth.

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