From ‘Gilmore’ to ‘American Dreams’


( — “” bad boy has joined the cast of NBC”s deprived “.” Ventimiglia, who played Jess on the WB drama series, will star alongside former “” actress (ex-Susan Lemay), who plays Meg Pryor on the series. He will portray her love interest, who is described as a radical high school senior whose family moves in next door to the Pryors.

In addition to his work on “Gilmore,” the actor was signed on to star in it”s 2003 midseason offshoot tentatively titled “Gilmore Girls: Spin-Off.” More recently the actor appeared in the ABC pilot “,” which was not picked up by the network. The pilot also starred from NBC”s “” and from ”s “

The actor can next be seen in the new Wes Craven feature film as Bo in “,” which will be released in theaters on October 1. The film is about a serial killer stalking women in Los Angeles, California who finds himself cursed by a craving he cannot define, a change he cannot describe, and by the relentless sounds he hears each night.

“Cursed” also stars as Ellie Hudson (“”), as himself (“”), (“,” “”) as Becky, (“,” “”), as Himself (“”) (“,” “”) and (“Dawson”s Creek”) as Jake.

“Cursed” is being released by , a division of

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