DETAILS: Guy Wilson Talks Trouble and Mysteries Ahead For ‘DAYS” Will, Sonny and Lucas

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

When “'” Will Horton left Salem last month to join his mom and younger siblings on a Los Angeles adventure, fans of Will and Sonny Kiriakis () were left wondering what that would mean for daytime’s only married gay couple and their future together, considering it was stated that Will would be gone for upwards of six months. Turns out six months is just several weeks in the world of soap operas as Will’s portrayer, , tells Soap Opera Network that he’ll be back on air sooner than you think. “It was written as six months, but it’s not going to be six months,” he shares, while noting, “something will happen that will force Will to return early.” Whether that something has to do with the trouble heading Sonny’s way, or the mystery Will finds himself looking to solve right alongside his father, Lucas (), the actor is definitely looking forward to seeing what’s ahead on “DAYS” play out on air.

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

First things first: If you’re wondering why Will had to leave the canvas in the first place, albeit briefly, you can credit the departure of Sami Brady’s portrayer, . “It happened because [of the] departure of Sami Brady. It’s sort of like you have to fill that void. By getting Will Horton out of the picture for a little bit amount of time, it’ll enable the writers to sort of really effectively create an environment to where some other characters can come in and fill that void and get established so that when Will Horton returns he’ll be coming back to a whole new set of circumstances that will be a big sort of mind [bleep] to him. With the Sami departure, fear not, there will not be a void of drama and that’s it,” Wilson explains before teasing, “Will will come back with some secrets of his own as well. You can’t really go to LA and not have some secrets. I mean, we all know that…”

Speaking of LA, when Will does return one has to wonder if there will be any updates on what Sami and the family have been up to since leaving town. “A bit. I think life has to go on without Sami, so while there is a bit of a Sami update, by and large because of what Will is walking into when he comes home, that kind of takes the focus of his attention,” reveals Wilson without being more specific on the matter.

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

What the actor can talk about is sharing more screen time with on screen father, Bryan Dattilo. “It’s been great. Sparing the juicy details, Lucas Horton’s skill set will really help Will get to the bottom of certain mysteries that kind of prop up. So Will and Lucas will sort of become this really fun dad and son duo. For me I love it. Bryan Dattilo is one of my favorite people on the set. He’s a great person and such a fun actor to work with. I really love doing the scenes with him that we’ve been working on these past few months, and what they discover is intense. They solve a pretty intense mystery.”

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Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Whether that mystery will include Sonny has yet to be determined, but Sonny will find himself in lots of trouble before Will returns to Salem. “Sonny does the best that he can do to keep his head high and to stay positive in Will’s absence, but trouble finds Sonny. Sonny’s a good guy, but trouble will find Sonny, and it’s up to Sonny to handle trouble the right way, if that makes sense.” It does if trouble’s name is Paul (), the new celebrity baseball player currently being treated by Dr. Daniel Jonas ().

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

“The thing about Salem is everyone’s kind of interwoven with one another and so invariably, inevitably, he’ll bare an effect on Will and Sonny,” says the actor of the Paul character. “As far as the magnitude, or the nature of that effect… I ain’t sayin’, but it’ll be interesting. It’s a very…, in the way in which his individual character evolves, it’s fascinating. It’s just so well written. It’s a very well written character and Christopher Sean, as you”ll come to see, is a phenomenal actor.”

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  • Lampshade

    Good news, I feared they were going to shelve this couple. I hope they do fill the Sami and EJ void and soon. What they got going on right now is lacklustre to say the least!

    • GH DAYS fan

      Why would they ever “shelve” a couple whose storyline won three Emmys in a row (first time ever in daytime) and that was front and center whenever DAYS hit multi year ratings highs in 2013 – much better than what we’ve seen this year when WilSon didn’t really have a story of their own.

  • RobNYC

    I was hoping that Wills absense meant they were scrambling to undue what in my opinion was a lackluster recast. To me the lack of chemistry between GW and FS is painful to watch and I was a big fan of Will and Sonny.

    • MeganLA

      The writers never really gave GW a chance to grow into the role since WilSon didn’t have a real story since Chandler left. There was no real challenge and very weak writing all the time, so it wouldn’t have been easy for anyone to fill these big shoes that a three-time Emmy winner like Chandler Massey left! Let’s hope the addition of Paul shakes things up a bit for them and gives them more air time. It sounds very promising that Lucas will be part of that, too. That’s the kind of story the show should have done much earlier!

      • RobNYC

        I agree that the storylines have been weak for Will and Sonny. It just seemed like maybe the writers lost some inspiration when they changed actors. I want to like him but he just hasn’t stuck with me.

  • GH DAYS fan

    It’s about time for Salem to have more than two gay guys in town! The other couples also have meaningful relationships to other men/women who share their sexual orientation and guess what, sometimes they even develop friendships or more with them. Go figure… Let’s hope Paul makes things more interesting and exciting for WilSon. Sonny deserves to be treated much better than this new Will treated him over the last months!!! And they finally need to get their own story and solve some problems together like every other couple on the show does!! The decline in ratings in 2014 correlates with WilSon not having a real story!!

    • Shakita

      The decline in the ratings in 2014 correlates with all of DAYS plots and the writing for those plots being awful.

      • sands of time

        I agree, Shakita! However, I’m beginning to see several interesting storylines developing!

  • Lampshade

    As you say they’ve barely had a story this year, so I’m pleased Will is returning- hopefully to a decent storyline

  • son reader

    Great to hear that there are exciting DAYS ahead for Will, Sonny — and Lucas! I started watching in 2012 because of WilSon and hate how the show has treated them this year. Looking forward to seeing more of that hot new guy (Paul), too 🙂

  • redgirl87

    If they keep this amazing couple (Will and Sonny) together I am all for a little mystery and intrigue but Will needs to treat Sonny better.

  • Alex

    Sorry but to me it sounds boring because it is just another guy that tries to get in between them. The way I see it. It is just a recycled storyline from when Brian or Brent tried to come in between them. I would much rather have a storyline about Arianna ending up sick or a storyline looking into Sonny’s past, But that part about Lucas sounds interesting though.

    • Rick Kitchen

      why not actually see the episodes before you prejudge?

      • Guest

        No way. now that’s all I am going to say on this subject

        • Guest

          maybe I will maybe I won’t. It will

      • alex

        Ok I’ll think about it. But I am not doing anyone any favors.

      • Guest

        No maybe I will.

  • HotTops

    I wonder If Paul is Sonny’s ex? It would be nice for a change to give Sonny a storyline (like some have suggested in These post).
    What would be a real drama (like some one here has hinted), have baby Ari get sick…

    But with a twist, Will became unintentional neglectful of Ari. Remember how he boast to Sonny that he’s a good father… And tried to be a good husband(We know Sonny has been and is!).

    And would it be ironic (with Will fighting to keep Ari in his life due to the likes of Nick & Gabi)
    Due to the nature Of the unintentional neglect… temporary custody of Ari would be awarded to Sonny? Sonny’s fathers is a lawyer and is coming back next year. we know he would be the ideal lawyer for sonny and Hope’s new lawyer man Aiden could be Will’s counselor.

    Just saying…

  • Lola94

    I really wish I could come to one of these places to see what is going to happen on Days/Wilson without the Chandler Massey trolls showing up in full force declaring he was the best and only Will. Remember that is only your opinion. Personally, I’m glad the ptb’s chose to recast rather than fire Freddie and shelve the pairing like some of CM’s fans wanted. Chandler chose to leave, he chose to announce it publicly and when he was let out of his contract early, people cried foul? Personally, CMassey gets no sympathy from this BIG fan of the pairing but that’s just my opinion.

    That said, I can’t wait to see what Will’s return will bring, I’m also super-stoked to see what Sonny is up to in Will’s absence. If Paul tries to come between Sonny and Will I hope Will eats him up and spits him out Sami 2.0 style. Guy intimated in one interview that with Sami gone, someone needs to bring the Sami-like drama and I hope it is Guy! I am also so very happy that sexy-beast BryanD is going to be front and center and it will be nice for a change to see Will and Lucas do their thing together. Right now I’m HATING the current sl, Eve and JJ having sex was disgusting and jarring, Thrady + missing baby is boring and despite Chad and Ben having a good rivalry going on, too bad Abigail has to be in the middle of it all. I would have rather seen Chad and Ben not get along because of Sonny and his reliance on Ben too help with the business. One last thought, no way would Will suddenly become a bad father, that is just too ooc. Worst case scenario: Will leave’s Ari with his Mom for a few months.

    • kayhan

      Great post. Agree with your comments.

      • HOtTops

        Great post by the way…I am CM fatigue as well, having say that YES a great actor and so is GW (not to meant FS).

        My only point was to get the sl/drama going in a big way for Sonny and Will calling into question… Wills fathering skill. But actuality he has done nothing wrong)

        I said unintentional not intentional that is a big difference. I want Paul, although, he might be very sweet, but the problem arises when he wants Sonny in a bad way! And like any soap opera drama. DOes thinks to make the othe person look bad ( in this case, calling Will’s fathering skills into question… Keepingin mind, the audience seeing it all play out)

        I hope that makes it clear where I was going with my first post.

      • Dana Brown

        Thanks I agree % 100

    • Andrew Hass

      I don’t think any of the fans cried foul because of what Chandler did but what the show did.I had no problem with the show recasting Will and even Chandler himself said he would okay with the show recasting Will but the problem was how the show let Chandler go early.The show told him they were letting him go early after work on a Friday right before a 2 week break for Labor Day.Plus it’s been over a year since Guy started playing Will.At the beginning he may have been acting in scenes that was written for Chandler in mind.However now it’s time for Guy to make the character of Will his own. Yes he might always be compared to Chandler but if Guy does a greta job as Will then the fans might not care.

  • Fox

    My guess is Paul is a lovechild Lucas unknowingly fathered in his pre-Salem military cadet, playboy days. Perhaps he was on some excursion abroad in Asia or Tori Norita (Paul’s mother) was an exchange student in the states who had a summer fling with Lucas. And if Paul happens to be gay too, well that’s believable, since it happens IRL. .. Sonny could soon find himself in-between half-brothers, Will and Paul. .. lol!

  • DjB

    Sonny is a sweetie and doesn’t deserve the jerk Will has become. The love that made them so special seems to have burned out. They used to be each other’s worlds and it’s hard to see sonny always give and not get much back. I’m kinda liking the way Paul still has that passion for him. Sonny could use a little loving. Hate the idea of any affair but would understand if it goes that way. Who knows, maybe Will got so insecure in Hollywod he cheated, feels guilty and that’s why he isn’t calling home much— can’t face sonny because of it.