Is ‘B&B’ Looking to Woo Melody Thomas Scott Away From ‘Y&R?’

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Now that “’s” (ex-A.J. Quartermaine) is headed back to “” to reprise his role as sleazy con-man Deacon Sharpe, “” fans are wondering if the character will be swinging by Genoa City to visit his former lover, Nikki (). And while that may be an eventuality, “B&B’s” headwriter, , admits that instead of loaning out Deacon to “Y&R,” he’d rather steal Nikki for his own sudser!

In a recent interview with TV Guide, the scribe was asked if he’d loan Kanan to “Y&R,” since Deacon and Nikki have had a couple of alcohol-induced mattress mambos that some viewers wouldn’t mind seeing play out again. His answer: He’d rather have Nikki come to Los Angeles, instead! “Certainly, I would loan him. I loved that sick, twisted relationship between Deacon and Nikki. But, better yet, I’d love to have Nikki come over to ‘B&B!’” he raves. “That’s something we’ve been contemplating, actually. [Senior Vice President] at CBS Daytime has been doing some incredible things with synergy, and Melody Thomas Scott is amazing. And it doesn’t hurt that Mel’s husband, , is now producing our show, so maybe I can get him to pull some strings. [Laughs] In fact, I would be very confident entering into that negotiation. I want to make it happen!”

But what about the fans? Would you guys like to see Nikki head to Los Angeles and stir up trouble on “B&B?” Or would you rather Deacon come back to Genoa City? Or, would you prefer the powers that be not reunite Deacon and Nikki at all? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    No leave Nikki were she is!!!

    • Pauline Williams

      Nikki Needs to Leave victor, That Relationship Is becoming to be not anymore

      • rose

        I agree. Nikki is a good actress. I want to see what plays out with Ian Ward and her baby daddy (maybe it is Paul after all).

    • nancy alston

      I agree leave Nikki where she’s at on Y&R.

  • Susan Cange

    anything that would give melody a storyline besides being victor newmans yes girl again.

  • Andrew Hass

    I want to see MTS on B&B as Nikki but not permanently.She could go to LA for some reason not realizing Deacon is there too and run into him.

  • Gabby

    how about getting the 2 together & have them travel from Y&R 2 Genoa city & back & then do it all over again, FUN HUH?

  • Gabby

    OPPSS I meant to say LA 2 Genoa city a& back n forth

  • Elizabeth Adair

    no no no, I just started to watch…its my last soap..if she comes I will bail again..

  • Shedrick

    I would love her to go to the B&B and victor could come to work with. Eric while she’s there on his bussiness trip and bumps in to deacon

  • nikki

    No I would like to see Nikki stay where she is but I agree that they need to give her some new story-lines besides Mrs. Newman “Victor’s puppet”

  • Tigress1

    I have always loved “Nikki Newman” on Y&R but I also think it’s time to give her a role that would keep her in the forefront of daytime drama. So if it means shaking things up a bit by having her take a sudden extended trip to LA (B&B) for charity business and “other” unplanned business then I’m all for it. She has worked too long and too hard to just be known only as Victor Newman’s wife who has MS. She should still have a life outside of all that.